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2016 EV+ Battery Replacement Story

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:19 pm
by mattFromLA
This is my first post in what I hope will be a series detailing my experience getting a battery replacement under warranty.

I just purchased a 2016 EV+ on Friday. I had been researching online for months trying to find a car with the right trim, right mileage, right price and in a location I could get to. I was excited about this car, was going to be in the area for work, and the dealer had great reviews online. The test drive went well, and I negotiated the price down even further and made the purchase. Just before I left with the car, the dealer said the guessometer was off due to the way the previous driver drove but that I should see better numbers.
I made it about 26 miles on a full battery and all the warnings were going off that I had to charge. I felt anxiety, foolishness, and lot of stress, but found a charging site and eventually made it home only 1.5 hours later than I had told my family I'd be home.
That night, I researched a lot online and found this forum (thanks by the way). I plugged in my bluetooth OBD and installed Soul Spy Lite and was shocked to see a 38.8% SOH and a Max Cell deterioration of 68.1%. I have no idea what the previous owner did to the car in only 35,000 miles but the interior and exterior are still in excellent condition.
It was the weekend, so I logged a case on Kia's site and waited. Meanwhile, I found the Eco Mode button in the car and was surprised to find that mileage improved slightly after turning it on. After a long charge on the level 1 charger and a charge today on a level 2 charger, the guessometer is up to 44 miles on a nearly full battery, so my stress is down as I should able to get to work and back without having to charge at lunch.
I spoke with Kia Corporate this morning and they referred me to a local dealership where I made a service appointment this Thursday. The tech at the Dealership with whom I spoke said I should expect to leave the car there for most of the day, just to do the diagnostic.

That's my first post, I'm happy to respond to questions if any. I'll provide another update after Thursday's appointment.

Re: 2016 EV+ Battery Replacement Story

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:28 pm
by EVDee
That is insane!

With such low mileage, the only guess I could make about what the previous owner did was cooking the batteries. Whether that's due to only fast charging, only parking in the sun, both: we'll (probably) never know.

As for the dealership that sold you that vehicle, I have a hard time believing that they didn't know how bad the battery was prior to selling it to you..

Best of luck in your battery replacement saga!
I'm somewhat jealous that you'll be rocking a new battery in yours soon. I'm at 84,000 miles and 84.7% SOH. As odd as it sounds, I'm really hoping mine needs a replacement within the warranty period.

Re: 2016 EV+ Battery Replacement Story

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:20 pm
by mattFromLA
I dropped off the car this morning at Car Pros Kia Glendale. They said it would be $170 for the diagnostics but that if something is wrong with the car and covered under warranty, there would be no charge.
A little before 1pm, they called to let me know that they were going to order a new battery under warranty and provide me a loaner until the new battery is shipped and installed. (The loaner is a Kia Soul, but ICE not EV).
So far, I'm very happy with their service and the experience overall. I wish I could drive my EV, but it's worth the wait for a new battery.
I'll provide an update when I have one.