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Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:18 am
by SoulEV2016
be carefull, the 7,3kW is a costly option in the first i3 (20kWh) like the multiple-phase charger at 11kW (tri-phase 11kW and single-phase 7,3kW charger like form of dedicated charger of the renault zoe).

- provided : 3,7kW single phase
- option 1 : 7,3kW single phase
- option 2 : 7,3kW single-phase + 11kW three-phase (multi-phase option charger)

the general i3 have been provided with the 3,7kW charger (and 2,3 kW domestic cable like other electric car for home plug).

on gen2 of i3 (33kWh), the 7,3kW charger is a standard.

i suspect that they already known the short life of the gen1 in 7,3kW configuration.
probably, the 3,7kW is the 7,3kW charger reduced (software setting).
that's why the charger always work in a "degraded" mode with the 7,3kW costly option.

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:18 am
by Birkeland
JejuSoul wrote:Birkeland, sorry for laughing at your misfortune earlier. I would still like to know what version they put into your car.

Hehe.. No problem, I would laugh too if it was you:)

Sorry about late reply. Busy days these days.

I finally got my version number on my new OBC: V12.2E


Unfortuenately, my new OBC also charges slower for sure. Earlier it charged at 10A when using my 10A charger, so it is now about 15% slower. My 6,6kW charger is still broken, so I don't have the new numbers when charging with it. 15% is really noticeably slower (it shows between 8,4A and 8,7A when charging). Its actually quite annoying. The dealership didn't know about the slower charging on the newer Soul EVs or older EVs with replaced OBC.


Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:13 pm
by SoulEV2016
In Europa, the official corded Kia EVSE supply with the car is a 1,8kW (8,3A) setting. ;)
You must probably set a new instruction on your EVSE charger at home.

But the point is : it's strange and it validate the point of JejuSoul from 7kW to 6,6kW reducted power of the 2014-2015 charger and the 2016 charger for the Soul EV.

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:32 pm
by JejuSoul
A summary of the 6 failed OBCs that we have version data from so far. (Failed Version number and Build Date : Replaced Version number and Build Date )

Code: Select all

unknown:  V8.1R -  June 2014     :               V12.2R -  Feb 2016
jysl:           V10.1R -  July 2014     :              ?
ricardar:     V10.1R -  August 2014     :          V12.2R -  June 2016
Birkeland:   V10.1E -  December 2014     :    V12.2E -  July 2016
GizmoEV:   V11.1R - March 2015      :      V14.1R -  Sep 2016
nibularr:      V12.2R - November 2015     :     V12.2R -  May 2016

These version numbers we have not seen fail yet.

Code: Select all

Birkeland - new :    V12.2E -  July 2016
unknown:    P14.1R -  Sep 2016

The OBC dates seem to follow the Model Years.
My assumption is that the P14.1R is the fixed version.
What the difference is between the R and E variants is I don't know. They are mixed up in terms of build date. One kind does not precede the other.

Code: Select all

MY2014 - V8.1R
MY2015 -  V10.1R and  V10.1E and V11.1R
MY2016 -  V12.2R and V12.2E
MY2017 - P14.1R

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:46 pm
by jysl
Kevin from Concord KIA just inform me that the OBC is on national back-order with ETA mid JAN.

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:27 pm
by RafaelP

Just another OBC fault (Madrid, Spain)

From what I've read in this forum my case is the earliest to occur and not just the charger refusing to charge but also tripping the breakers.

I got the car from the dealer on Dec 2, just 18 days ago, made 690 km and only charged L1 with the Kia provided 10A EVSE.

Last night, while charging as usual, the OBC failed and tripped all the three circuit breakers on the line (32A, 32A and 40A).
In the morning I tried restarting the charging with the same result: loudly tripping all breakers like in a short circuit. The car display showed the "Charger error" message.

I took the car to the dealer. They tried charging with my EVSE and also with their own always tripping the workshop breakers. So they decided to keep it.

Sorry I didnĀ“t take a picture of the stickers, I just went in a rush to the dealer. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.

One of the employees told me that it was the first case of a faulty OBC and another one told me that mine was the second case: not a very reliable information... but no surprise at all because I've noticed that many emplyees don't know much about the EV. Some even confuse the EVSE with the OBC.

Best regards,


Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:34 pm
by SoulEV2016
perhaps a new case in France : problem, it's a november 2016 version. :? ... t6435.html

investigations in progress ...

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:29 pm
by JejuSoul
Oh dear, both of these new reports look like the same OBC charging fault error, and both seem to be from MY2017 cars.
We'll have to wait to get a photo to see whether the failed OBC is one of the new V14s or the older v12.
What is upsetting is that recent reports sound even worse than the older ones.
This is the first time we have heard " ... always tripping the workshop breakers...", and goes with the report from Canada about a faulty OBC, "...smoking a B osch c harger.."

It is possible to find the version number of the original OBC even after the replacement.
There is a sticker on the EPCU, which is the unit above the OBC, directly underneath the plastic cover. You have to pop off the cover to see it.
Here's a photo of mine. (built March 2015). I still have the original OBC underneath this.


and here's Birkeland's (built January 2015). His original OBC failed and has been replaced.
I've marked the 3 metal struts that the plastic cover sits on. If you lift up gently the connectors just pop out, and then you can remove the cover .


The sticker on the right is from Yura Corporation. They are a Korean company that make the wiring harnesses.
See Yura Corporation marketing brochure Moving Forward


I just noticed that the MY2017 seems to have a redesigned plastic cover. I have no idea if the info above still applies.
Maybe the photo below is just a Photoshopped image for a marketing shot. I have never seen a 2017.
Although I am guessing the MY2016 was still the same.


Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:58 pm
by RafaelP
Hi from Madrid, Spain.

This morning I went to the Kia dealer to take picture of the stickers.

The dealer told me that they are going to replace the OBC. Also said that there is a campaign, not yet made public, to replace the OBC... but I don't really understand what he meant... Are they going to call all the EVs? Change the OBC as they fail or when cars come for the scheduled service?

From the dealer's emplyee body language it was clear he didin't like much the idea of me comming to take pictures of the OBC, so he standed breathing down my neck while I was trying to take the pictures. My phone's camera is a piece of junk and to make things worse I had to use the flash. I couldn't get a picture of the version number, just the following data (only on the front sticker because I took random pictures of the back side and couldn't see any)

Dawoo Electronic Components
Date: 20150728
Lot: 150726MC

There is no lot sequence info nor corean caracters printed. BTW, the sticker looks like eons old.

I'm sorry for not contributing with some useful info.

Re: Charging Fault error.

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:32 pm
by JejuSoul
Thanks RafaelP, that info is useful. Even though you bought the car in Dec 2016, it was manufactured in July 2015. It isn't a case of a new OBC failing. Yours is probably v12.2R which is the one that has failed most often before. Did you buy a new car? Or is it an ex-dealer demo car. With an EV I would be annoyed if they sold me a new car that was 16 months old.
Also the details about the recall are exactly what we are hearing from elsewhere. It is not being announced, We cannot just turn up and get a working OBC replaced when we want.


Also just noticed this. These OBCs are both v12.2R. Before Nov 2015 and after May 2016. Both have the same part number. (36400-0E040)


But this one v12.2E is from Jan 2016 and has a different part number. (36400-0E240). There's another v12.2E higher up on this page from July 2016


Here is v10.1E from Jan 2015 with part number (36400-0E240). I have highlighted the differences between this E version and the R versions.
Elmil wrote:This should be at the OBC fail thread, but still, I compared my labels to those in that thread, and I noticed that the numbers probably being P/N are different on my OBC. The label on the back has these numbers:

MANDO V10.1E 15A01

What the difference is between the R and E variants is I don't know. They are mixed up in terms of build date. One kind does not precede the other.