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Re: Somes graphics about Chademo Charge Station.

Here's a YouTube video by Byorn Nyland testing fast charging on the I oniq Electric (again).

He gets the same results as all the posts above. Max power is about 67kW.
But he seems to think there is still the possibility that this is the limit of all current c hargers, not the limit for the car.
The advertised limit for both the I oniq and Soul EVs is 100kWh, but no one has ever achieved this.

Perhaps we have to wait for faster charging to become available.



This article suggests that the 67kW limit will not be broken. - 5 things about the 2019 Hyundai K ona Electric we learned at the NY auto show

In an interview Green Car Reports did with 3 Hyundai Execs
...Hyundai measures charging current (amperes) rather than power (kilowatts), but given the pack in the I oniq Electric, it was capable of fast-charging 173 amps. That translated to a a rate of 70 kilowatts—for which a 100-kW charging output was required.
The new K ona Electric can handle a maximum current of 200 amps, meaning it can handle a peak power of 80 kW...
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