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winter tires SoulEV 2019

Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:16 am

I want to get some winter tires for my SoulEV 2019. I am on the West Coast, so need good tires mainly for black ice but also heavy snow and slush. I am suspecting that it is better to have the tires put on rims made to withstand corrosion from salt, and would like hub caps to prevent grit and such entering the wheel assembly. Just don't know which way to go. Kal Tire recommended Nokkia Hakk R3 with black steel rims for about $1467 all included except hub caps unless they can fit my current caps on the new tires. My dealership is quoting me the package they recommend for about $1800. Would I be making a mistake by going with Kal Tire's recommendation? Thanks.

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Re: winter tires SoulEV 2019

Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:33 pm

I have installed Michelin Cross-Climate 3 peaks all weather tires, 90% better, quieter and more efficient than the stock tires. So far heavy rain downpours the tires sheaded water very effectively and great traction, will keep everyone posted on the first snows, but fella in UK tested them to the Swiss Alps, drove from the UK and they were a hit!

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Re: winter tires SoulEV 2019

Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:11 pm

Been lurking around the forum for a few years and thought i'd finally chime in. I own a 2017 Soul EV lux with sunroof purchased new Dec 2016. Still loving it every day.

I did a significant amount of research before I purchased my winter tires and was originally going with Michelin X-Ice but ended up with Yokohama IceGuard iG53. Kia recommends, at this point, the Yokohama as the preferred winter tire. They were okay with installing the Michelin but I noticed Trev from model 3 owners club was rocking the Yokohama so I followed his lead. I trust his opinions on most things EV so yeah that's what I did.

I put them on the stock wheels and I'm buying Fast Wheels EV01+ for my summer tires, which won't be the Nexen tires they came with. Way too slick when it's wet as previously reported everywhere haha. My Kia dealer can order the EV01+ and everything is solid with the factory warranty etc so no hassles. If your dealer tells you otherwise try a different dealer. Kia Lockwood in Oakville was a pain in the you know what and Leggat Kia all good and excited to help me try out new aftermarket EV wheels.

So far no noticeable range loss and I'll get a better look at mileage over the next few weeks. I was expecting more noise simply because of the tread size but was pleasantly surprised that it's not too bad. Certainly a bit more noise but I think it's a bit quieter after breaking in a little. A bit of a quick wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh noise on certain types of roads. Haven't been able to pin point it yet. They're much softer with a bit of spring to them. So far pretty happy with my purchase.

Check out the Fast Wheels EV01+ i'm getting for the summer tires. Can't wait to try with and without inserts. Good times.


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Re: winter tires SoulEV 2019

Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:23 pm

And they offer exact fit hub centric etc so all good there. Back ordered until later in the month. I'm in no rush but will prob order soon anyway. Fyi - my factory wheels after 3 ontario winters show now signs of aging, except for the scratches in my lug holes from Lockwood Kia when they rotated my tires grrrrr.

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