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Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:24 am
by SoulEV2016
Interresting ? CALB sell cell puch with Li-NMC and ceramic separator ...

22Ah 3,7v
3000 cycles at 0,3C - 2000 cycles at 1C.
510 grams.

The main point is the cycling count ... parallel to the warranty of LiPo with ceramic separator, too.

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:48 pm
by JejuSoul
To add some clarity to this thread -

July 2015 - SK Innovation doubles EV battery production - from 400 to 800MWh
Mar 2016 - SK Innovation boosts battery production by 25% - from 800 - 1000MWh

That is all that has happened in the last 2 years. The Soul EV production numbers went up from 5,000 cars in the first year to 10,000 in the second. Seems it will stay at 10,000 for another year.

We recently see a article suggesting that there was a 25% increase last month but that is merely because a lazy journalist cut and pasted that line from a previous article written in April.

Lots of suggestions in July this year that SK Innovation would ramp up production for the forthcoming M ercedes SUV. But what actually appeared at the Paris Motor Show was a concept car that won't be produced for 3 years. - Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ – Photos & Videos From Paris

No details of any improvement in cell chemistry. No sign of any increase in capacity to allow for the Kia Soul EV to have a bigger pack. I assume this will happen early next year.



Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:35 pm
by JejuSoul
Another expansion has been announced.
Oct 2016 - SK Innovation boosts battery production by 25% - from 1000 - 1200MWh
It's not for the Soul EV. It's for the M ercedes S550e. see -- ... utLnkChk=Y


Details for the 2015 s550e from 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid Quick Drive
The 8.7 kW-hr lithium-ion battery sits above the rear axle and is water-cooled. Weighing in at 251 pounds, the battery pack occupies 3.4 cubic feet of space above the rear axle, reducing the trunk capacity to 12.2 cubic feet, compared to 16.3 cubic feet in non-hybrid models. The hybridized S-Class features a 3.6 kW on-board c harger with the connection for the cable located in the rear bumper on the passenger side. M ercedes says charging the battery should take approximately two hours and 45 minutes using a level 2 c harger, and wireless charging is on the way.

Confirmation here that the 8.7 is total capacity (only 6.4 kWh is usable). 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid: First Drive

The 2017 s550e now has a 13.5 kW-hr lithium-ion battery. SK makes the cells but Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE makes them into a pack.
see - Mercedes S550e to Get Increased Electric Range; V-8s and V-12s Will Continue
The current S550e has an 8.7-kWh battery pack, but the face-lifted car will have a 13.5-kWh unit that will fit in the same space and—at around 260 pounds—weigh almost exactly the same.

There is not enough info here to make any guesses as to whether SK has improved their battery cells. We just know that these cells are more energy dense than whoever made the previous ones.


The 200MWh expansion of the Seosan battery plant is enough for about 15,000 of these PHEV battery packs each year. The S550e only sells in the hundreds. There must be further announcements to come of new releases from Daimler.

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:10 am
by JejuSoul
Always interesting to know where the Soul EVs are actually going, given that sales figures in so many counties are so low.

It is Norway. Over a third of all the cars produced are in Norway. Here is Norwegian registration data for Sept 2016 - ... 12756.html?

601 T esla Motors M odel X (803) [803]
522 Bmw I 3 (2027) [6530]
420 Volkswagen G olf (4037) [15497]
386 Nissan L eaf (4922) [26475]
353 Kia Soul (2877) [6233]
247 T esla Motors M odel S (1705) [11851]
231 M ercedes-B enz B 250 E (1421) [2909]
159 Renault Z oe (1494) [3596]
88 Nissan E -nv200 (696) [1442]
50 Volkswagen Up! (916) [6412]
46 Mitsubishi I -miev (249) [3307]
43 Peugeot Ion (304) [2287]
25 Citroen C-zero (200) [2231]
16 F ord F ocus E lectric (45) [409]
13 Peugeot Partner (109) [816]
2 Renault Kangoo Z.e. (97) [666]
2 Smart Electric Drive (47) [172]
1 Hyundai I oniq (5) [5]
1 Citroen Berlingo (19) [118]
Looking at this thread - Shipping the Soul EV out of Korea. it seems that Norway is where most of the I oniq EVs will go as well.


Have now found a great list for Norwegian registrations. Over 1/3 of all Soul EVs are in Norway.
Norwegian Kia Soul EV registrations
This has VIN numbers, so we can easily see how many Soul EVs have been built so far.
It is clear from these VIN numbers that about 1000 cars are produced each month
It also show how many of those were directly sent to Norway as new cars and how many were imported as used.


Outside of Norway the numbers are - via
Total Sales for the first 9 months of 2016

Germany 857
France 725
Austria 213
Switzerland 95
Spain 66
Netherlands 44
Iceland 33
Belgium 25
Denmark 15
Europe EU 2081 (need to add UK and Norway to get Europe)

Norway sales of new cars - 986 - so where did the other 1891 registered Soul EVs in Norway come from?
They cannot all come from Germany! It seems very unlikely that most are coming from the EU as part of an emissions scam.
I am not sure that the numbers and commentary produced by sites such as and is valid.

Seems UK + a few others with very low sales sold 117

Europe 3184 ( from ... -2016.html)

USA 1.162
Canada 459
North America 1621

Korea 467

Global sales YTD is between 5272 and 7163 The large range is because I don't know where an extra 1891 registered Soul EVs in Norway came from?
Seen the number 7626 for Global sales YTD -
So the extra 1891 in Norway are not taking away from the EU sales reported.
My guess is that the 2016 production to date is 10,000+, so the unsold inventory is quite high.

Chinese sales of the BAIC E-Series EV are as always exactly on target. 15,457 YTD

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:08 pm
by JejuSoul
Total yearly production by SK Innovation = 1,200MWh

BAIC E-Series EV 20,000 cars annually -> 30.5 * 20,000 = 610,000kWh
Kia Soul EV 12,000 cars annually -> 30.5 * 12,000 = 366,000kWh
Daimler PHEVs 15,000 cars annually -> 13.3 * 15,000 = 199,500kWh

Total = 1,175.5MWh = 47,000 cars

Leaves 24.5MWh for various minor projects such as the Kia Ray EV and the Kantor Fuso Truck.

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:14 am
by JejuSoul
There is a lot of news about another big battery expansion. A quadrupling! This time its for M ercedes Benz EVs to be launched from next year on. The second plant will be built adjacent to the first at Seosan, and will be completed by 2018.
(Although in Korean news it suggests that only 800MWh of the 3000MWh has been contracted for by M ercedes)

Pushevs seems to have found the news first.
SK Innovation to quadruple EV battery cell production in 2018


Update 14th Nov
Some extra detail from -
The expansion will be a 2nd building - 40,000 square meters. This is similar in size to the existing No. 1 plant.
The original plant builds the whole pack, this new plant just produces the cells.
All battery cells produced by the new line supplied to the Daimler Benz.
Daimler's subsidiary, Deutsche Accumotive will build the packs at the new Kamenz plant.
Investment by SK at Seosan ~$170 million USD. Investment by Daimler at Kamenz ~$543 million USD.
Daimler invests 500 million Euros in new battery factory in Germany

Seosan Battery Plant

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:08 pm
by JejuSoul
From Kia Soul EV sales near 20,000 units

As of end-October, 19,968 units of the small SUV electric car have been sold worldwide,

Given that we hit 10,000 sales early in the year, and 20,000 at the end of October that means sales are almost exactly 1,000 / month. This matches the production figures. Somewhere there are more sales than I thought, given that I counted up the reported sales and have it behind production by two or three thousand.

Update - checked the latest figures as reported in the Korean news.
From - ... 8113343_AO
쏘울EV는 출시 첫해인 2014년 국내외에서 2235대가 팔렸고, 2015년에는 연간 1만대 판매 고지를 넘어 총 1만865대가 팔렸다. 올해는 10월까지 6868대가 팔렸다.

This is 2,235 sales in 2014, 10,865 sales in 2015 and 6,868 sales for the first ten months of this year. So cumulative figures for last year where higher than we reported before. But sales for this year match what I said earlier. "Global sales YTD is between 5272 and 7163"

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:51 am
by JejuSoul
Have finally found a decent source for the number or Soul EVs sold each year. (Although only outside of Korea). ...
You need to download the Overseas Retail Sales spreadsheet.
Look on this thread for the Korean data - Soul EV purchase incentives in Seoul, South Korea

The figures are ( Year :- Overseas + Domestic = Total )

Code: Select all

2014 :- 1,017 + 414 = 1,431
2015 :- 7,286 + 1,116 = 8,402
2016 :- 7,123 + 729 = 7,852
2017 :-  532 + ??

That 20,000 number in October 2016 must have been for production not sales. Hence I'm guessing that by the current date in March 2017 there must be about 5,000 unsold Soul EVs globally.


A new article about the battery plant expansion. - SK Innovation set to expand EV battery capacity
The proposal calls for the construction of two EV battery production lines, which will churn out EV cells with a combined 2 GWh, larger than its current 1.9 GWh capacity. The construction of the two production lines in Seosan, some 150 kilometers south of Seoul, will be completed by the first half of next year, with their operation starting before the end of next year. In 2015, SK Innovation already doubled its EV battery-making capacity. SK Innovation said it already has an order backlog that will keep it busy for seven years...

The previous article stated current capacity as 1 GWh being expanded to 4 GWh. Now it's from 1.9 GWh to 3.9 GWh.
There's a possibility that this is confirming an increase in the existing line due to improved battery chemistry.
Same number of cells but more capacity. Also possible that one or both of the articles is just a mistake.

Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 7:36 pm
by JejuSoul
Lots of news articles from a recent press conference by SK Innovation. Seems they are planning to greatly increase battery production.

In the immediate future. -
"SK Innovation is planning to increase output of its batteries from 1.1GWh, which is based on end of last year, to 10GWh by 2020"

From - ... id=3034011
"Yoon Ye-seon, president of the battery & I/E Materials division, said upon construction of a second battery plant in Korea this year, the company will build a factory in Eastern Europe to fulfil battery orders from Daimler AG. ,"

And before 2025 SK Innovation is planning to invest more than $8.89 billion USD. That is enough for two T esla Gigafactories.

PushEVs is also talking about this story here - ... nt-europe/

So who are the car companies going to be that take these new batteries. Logically it is Daimler who will contract all their cells from SK's European factory, to be built into battery packs at their new plant in Kamenz.


Where will the cells from Seosan go? Not the Soul EV, our car looks set to continue as a niche product. Not to China, trade wars are preventing Korean expansion there. Logically then it must be Hyundai. While the I oniq and presumably the N iro EVs will have LG Chem batteries, it seems probable / possible that the Kona and Stoniq EVs will be SK.

Putting this expansion into perspective by 2020 T esla will still be able to produce twice as many EVs as Daimler and Hyundai combined. And the T esla cars will have bigger batteries.


As for present SK production. The Soul EV continues at the same slow pace. 1000 / month. At the beginning of May car 24,000 rolled off the production line. I don't know if BAIC is continuing to sell, any of their cars with a Korean battery. But presumably they are contracted to keep buying them at a minimal level.


Here's a graphic that helps put SK's plans for 10GWh by 2020 in perspective.


Re: SK Innovation doubles EV battery production

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:37 pm
by JejuSoul
JejuSoul wrote:...Where will the cells from Seosan go? ..
... it must be Hyundai...
... it seems probable / possible that the Kona and Stoniq EVs will be SK.

That guess seems to have been confirmed. - Hyundai Motor to release long-range electric vehicle in H1 of 2018
According to Choi from Hyundai Motor, the motor group will diversify its battery suppliers to secure enough supplies and respond more flexibly to market demand. On top of its current supplier LG Chem, the company has also decided to receive batteries from SK Innovation Co. for its new electric vehicle.


update: 1 year later - I was wrong.
The N iro EV will use an SK battery. The K ona EV will use LG Chem. There is no Stonic EV.
If I had to guess the new Soul EV will use SK and the updated I oniq EV LG. Sometime next year maybe.