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Re: 2020 64kWh in Ontario - at last!

Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:55 pm

Great about the trade in value. Hope the same happens for me.

Re. the cold:
- I have noticed a drop already - I will work out percentages at the end of November so it is more realistic, but I was above 460km and I am now much nearer 400km - I keep good notes
- I am changing to Nokian All Weather tires next week and that may affect readings on top of the cold effect.
- I am trying to find out from Kia more about the BMS when plugged in - if I charge it and it reaches the percentage set, does it keep the battery warm just because it is still?plugged in. No reply yet.
- I don't normally charge every night but if it helps the BMS I would do so. May do it anyway for now.

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