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Re: Battery Ageing Model

Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:11 am

JejuSoul wrote:
Zattaxu wrote:...There have been reports of failing battery packs also in Norway. As some owners has had their cars 5 years (first cars were delivered autumn 2014) many owners has reached 100.000 km (appx 60.000 miles) or more. I don't know the percentage which have claimed replacement, (Norw. warranty: 70 % capacity after 150.000 km/7 years), but my impression from Norw. EV forums/Facebook groups is that a lot of owners of the cars which have passed 100.000 km are experiencing degradation problems. Some have had their battery packs replaced after waiting up to 6 months on a new pack...

Thanks for posting Zattaxu. This is the first battery replacement story from Norway I have seen.
I have just read your post on - Mistet kapasitet på fremdriftsbatteri - erfaringer?

I still think that as a percentage the failure rate in Norway will be much lower than elsewhere. At present almost 42% of all Soul EVs ever produced are in Norway. Clearly some of those cars are now failing. But I assume many are not.
I base this assumption on the N issan L eaf, which has a high failure rate in the USA and a low failure rate in Norway.
Am hoping the Soul EV doesn't turn out to be worse than the L eaf.
If it is, then it means we have been looking in the wrong direction 'high temperatures' as the cause of most battery failures. Instead it may be 'battery stress' caused by long and fast journeys that are the primary cause.

I took the liberty of translating some answers to a facebok post on the Norwegian Kia Soul EV forum. The question was: How many has driven the car more than 100 000 km, what SOH do you have, and what does the GOM say.

I guess that most people are refering to the SOH from what the dealer reported last time they had their service (normally: every 15.000 km in Norway), but 11 people replied (as I mentioned before, others to have reported their batteries degrading more now, than before).

1: Mileage: 115000 km. 84 % SOH, GOM says about 114 km.
2: Mileage: 180000 km. Got new battery at 120000 km.
3: I'm just under 110,000 on my 2016. Can't remember what it said on the battery part, but the SOH was in the 90s somewhere.
4: Milage: 125k. Battery 80%. GOM says 102 km fully charged.
5: Milage: 130k. Battery degrading fast. Should get it checked but think it is approaching 70%. GOM says 70 km on full charge.
6: Milage: 117k measured it at 90k. Was 93% - guess it has dropped 7%. About 100+ km on GOM.
7: Mileage: 105 000km. SOH last reports of 94%, 90%, 100%, 86 % and on last service 92%. Don't trust the SOH dealings from your reader. GOM at about 120km.
8: I got my battery replaced on warranty at 120,000 km. Was then under 70%
9: Mileage: 135k run, 75% SOH, shows about 90 km fully charged.
10: Approximately 120,000 km and 83 % SOH. Gets 90 km fully charged.
11: If this is true I will get a new battery soon. Has driven 116,000 and can run 94 on full tank.

My mileage is 122 000 km (first time registered Nov 2014) and SOH is at 69.3%.

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