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Comparing Quality Control for different EVs

Mon May 30, 2016 9:02 pm

Am opening this thread to comparing Quality Control for different EVs because of this post in the brake failure thread.
Darklight wrote:Dayum. Maybe sticking to my Leaf is the best strategy given issues like these and the whining sound I just read about. I have never set foot near my dealer in two years with my 2014 Leaf.
I have to give all you folks serious props for being early adopters and doing KIA's QC in the field for them when they should have done it at the factory.

I have never had any issue with my Soul EV, but obviously some people have. This forum is a place where people come to talk about problems, so it is no surprise that if you are an outsider browsing this site you will find problems mentioned here.

For the sake of creating a thread that has some interesting comparisons here's an image from the True Delta site

And a quote by Tony Williams. see ... e-average/
Tony Williams wrote:I am both a True Delta contributor and a Tesla Model S owner, in addition to owning the Mercedes-Benz B Class ED and Toyota RAV4 EV Tesla powered cars.

First, True Delta doesn’t just report problems; they actually have reports even if you do not have a problem. So, it’s not just a survey of people who want to complain.

It’s not just the Tesla Model S that has problems, as both of their contract vehicles many of the same drivetrain problems. The RAV4 famously has nearly every Tesla component, at one point or another, fail on the car while the Toyota parts tend to not fail.

Currently, the RAV4 is under a US government recall for Tesla drivetrain failures which makes the car become disabled, including losing its power steering and power brakes. A very serious problem, indeed.

This problem is separate from the problem of excessive noise from the gearbox and motor assembly which the RAV4 also shares with the Model S.

It appears now that the Mercedes B Class ED may also be experiencing the same drivetrain failures that the RAV4 has experienced. This makes sense that this issue is only now becoming apparent when we consider that the Mercedes has been on the market two years less time (2014 introduction versus 2012 for Model S and RAV4 EV).

My RAV4 has experienced both types of drivetrain failures; the gearbox whining noise sometimes referred to as the milling sound and also the complete power failure in the middle of the road.

I have had two motors replaced in the RAV4, howevert my model S has the newest generation equipment including the newest generation onboard charger and newest generation motor assembly’s both front and rear therefore I expect more durable product.

Of course, my Model S has been mostly trouble-free over. 16,000 miles, including one coast to coast drive what I’m doing now. It has not been perfect, nor would I expect it to be. I have had the sunroof leak water and a glitch with the tire sensors.

I would not own any Tesla product without having the factory warranty. For any of the perceived shortcomings the car in the technology is just brilliant.
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