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Adding new charging station to maps

Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:22 pm

Hi guys, I haven't been on the forum in a bit after getting my car. Wanted to know if i'm doing something wrong, or if there is a way to ADD or change charging stations on the Nav. Especially now in Ontario, a bunch of new L3 chargers are coming online, and it would be nice to add charging stations that the maps would recognize for planning my drives. You can add the addresses as favorites, but not charging station.

Sounds like this feature was intentionally left out to force people to purchase map updates. Brilliant on their part to make money. Looks like the 10.5 update is $200USD. Not too bad, since it adds new capabilities such as Android Auto and Carplay, not just maps.

Unlike a regular ICE vehicle, EVs use the maps the calculate range. So using Android Auto or Carplay would give you the most current POIs with much better accuracy, it doesn't overly the EV range estimates.

Btw, looking forward to the better weather as i'm starting to notice my estimated range is starting to go back up again. Went from 190Km in the summer to 110Km in the winter.

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Re: Adding new charging station to maps

Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:29 am

I just bought a used 2018 Soul EV and have the same question.
Does anyone have an answer?

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Re: Adding new charging station to maps

Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:07 am

You can add your chargers by adding coordinates.

* Press the NAVI head unit key
* Select Coordinates to search by coordinates.
* Enter the Latitude and Longitude (there are two ways to search by coordinates (D.M.S or Decimal degrees))
* After typing coordinates, press the Done button to search
* Press the Set as Destination button to start guidance.

You can save the destination in the Address book and give it a name which you can remember. You can also assign a symbol to the charging station in the address book, so the symbol is shown on the map. I used a railway symbol for the fast chargers I might use.

Of course you must know the coordinates of the charger (or the address), but probably you can find that somewhere :?:

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