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Full list of updates under servicing/warranty

Thu May 21, 2020 1:57 am


Could anyone provide or point me to a list of updates that would be expected to been carried out on a 1st generation Soul EV ?

Example: I believe that through the annual servicing at a Kia dealer, and any warranty work, things like the BMS and OBC have had updates. What other components have had updates and are there version numbers, dates or other identifiers to determine if a used Kia Soul EV has had everything ?

I am specifically talking about a used Kia Soul EV in the UK, but I assume the updates would be the same across regions.

Hope I am making sense


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Re: Full list of updates under servicing/warranty

Thu May 21, 2020 9:19 am

So there are 2 sets of things, recalls and TSBs. You should be able to search for the recalls based on the VIN, but the TSBs would need a dealer to check. Most of the things on mine have been TSBs and not recalls

Off the top of my head, here's what I can remember:
Accelerator pedal (early cars only, not mine)
Steering pinion (twice, the first recall didn't do enough)
Rear centre seat belt cover
DCDC converter (new firmware, stop the 12V going flat while charging)
On Board Charger (new firmware, run a test, if it fails then replace charger)
Battery Management System (new firmware to fix a problem with preheating in extreme cold)

Note that any firmware update to the BMS resets its understanding of the battery so it will show great range until it learns the battery after several charge / discharge cycles - check the cumulative charge / discharge amounts to see if it has been recently reset.

I've heard that there was also an Electronic Parking Brake firmware update to automatically apply it when shifting to park, but when I enquired at my dealer then they hadn't heard of it.

I think TSBs are going to vary by country - e.g. the EPB one isn't being done here in Canada and I suspect that BMS update for not preheating when it's below -20C may not be done in places like the UK that will never see that kind of temperature.

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