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What SOH I have ?

Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:09 pm


I am a new Kia Soul EV owner. My car is 2015, I bought it 45 days ago. Its ODO is at 25,500 Miles now. I can't access the UVO services. Also I do not understand how to get the BMS data that some of you guys is using to calculate the SOH of the battery.

My car can drive around 122 miles on a single charge. However the dashboard shows normally 100 - 104 miles range. Consumption rate is on average 4.9 - 5.2 Mile/KWh. However it might reach as low as 3.9, or as high as 6.1. Regen braking is significant I guess, because my city elevation changes along the roads.

Can I guess SOH from such observations ?

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Re: What SOH I have ?

Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:21 am

I'm a new owner, but my understanding is you need to get the SOH reading from a OBD2 reader.

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Re: What SOH I have ?

Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:00 am

Get the Android app Soul EV Spy, and a Konnwei OBD2 Bluetooth dongle.

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Re: What SOH I have ?

Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:04 am

I'll give a wild guess for your SOH. 95%

I have a 2015 with original battery. It has done 73,000km.
The GOM will show about 165km at 100% SOC. Fuel Economy 8.5 km/kWh.
I have had my car for 5 years and am confident the SOH is about 95% based on many years of BMS data.

To get a better answer than a wild guess I suggest you ask again in a year's time after collecting some more data.
The thing to look for is the rate of decline. That can vary enormously.
The codes for using Torque Pro can be found by clicking the link in the website icon under my user name on the left.

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