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Re: Hyundai AE (All Electric) to be available before Chevy BOLT

Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:12 pm

I have 2 confirmations on a french forum that the IoniQ Electric can charge at 7,3kW. :idea:
but no Torque picture for now (perhaps an EVSE screen reading).

In France, we have a 230v AC 50Hz grid.
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Re: Hyundai AE (All Electric) to be available before Chevy BOLT

Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:08 pm

Both the B olt EV and I oniq EV use LG Chem batteries. Here in Korea demand for both far outstrips supply. I had previously blamed the car companies for not ordering enough batteries. I believe LG Chem has the capacity to produce more if they were paid to do so.

But here is an interesting comment by mg under the PushEVs article - New details on the 2018 Nissan Leaf
On the side note: very interesting point about not reaching a deal with LG when appearently the chemistry company in recent years was willing to sign a supply contract for cells for any passible ev. Along with some reports about production constraints circulating about I oniq and current scale of LG-propelled EVs production(Bolt with production of about 3k/month(US+CA+Nor+stock building), Zoe(4k), I oniq(1.2k and reportedly increasing production), Volt(2,5 k/month), + couple of other cars) I’m estimating that the are at about 600MWh/month(or 7GWh/yr) – and given that they are also obligated to deliver even more for current clients(Bolt was reported to be able to deliver up to 50k this year so about 4.2k/month) they might by already capacity constrained for at least time needed to finish the current expansion(US, China factory expansion, Polish factory construction). That would also lower my previous estimations of current LG capacity(from 10 GWh to about 8GWh/yr), and for capacity at the end of 2019(from 20 to about 17 GWh/yr)


Got to see a lot of I oniq EVs this weekend at the local convention center. 110 of them!


Here's a group of 18 waiting to charge. Along with one Chademo rescue truck.



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