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Level 1 charger for Soul EV

Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:09 pm

Does it matter which Level 1 charger is used with the Kia Soul EV? 10 amp vs. 12 amp Level 1 charger?

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Re: Level 1 charger for Soul EV

Thu May 17, 2018 8:24 pm

Looks like you haven't had a reply for a while. As far as the car is concerned it doesn't matter what amperage the EVSE tells the car. My 2016 and 2018 Soul EVs both charge at about 10% below the current specified by the EVSE so the 10A EVSE will have the car only drawing around 9A and the 12A EVSE will have the car drawing around 10.8A.

I have charged the car at 6A up to 28.5A on 120V. Note that this was a custom EVSE as the J1772 spec is to only report 16A max on 120V. This spec is only because most 120V outlets are either 15A or 20A. As I understand it, the Soul EV is one of a small number of EVs which will charge at the OBC's max current on 120V. Do not charge at a current over 80% of the circuit rating.
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