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Adapter SAE J1772 IEC Type 1 to IEC Type 2

Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:56 am

Hello good people of this forum :)

A few months ago I bought this Soul EV 2016 that my wife drives now to substitute the Peugeot iOn I had.
Next week i'm going to pick up the Kia Optima PHEV to substitute the Peugeot 308 diesel I drive now.

Because I plan to drive the maximum I can in electric mode with the Optima, I'll need to charge it at home, my problem is the Soul has a SAE J1772 Type1 socket like the iOn I had before, but the Optima has a IEC 62196 Type2.
Because I build my own (open)EVSE I connected the cable directly to the power relay inside and doing so I was able to save more than 100€ on 2 plugs. This EVSE allow me to go between 6A and 32A when I want altough I can't go over 16~20A because of the cable.
I already understood the 120€ I saved, I must spend them now and I'm ok with this, what I haven't decided is what way should I go.

Option 1 - I can change the plug on the Soul and convert it to the more common type 2. This way will deprive me from the portable EVSE included with the car since it has a type 1 plug, I will need a type 2 socket to install in the EVSE I built, and I can use the type 2 - type 2 cable I use with the car when I charge out of home. I can use then this same cable on the Optima. The cable actually on the home evse will not be used (money wasted). I will have to buy the car socket + evse socket more than 120€ expense since I assume the car socket is the same or more than a socket for the evse.

Option 2 - Install a socket type 2 on the EVSE and a type 2 plug on the cable that in the moment is directly connected. Like this every car will have his own cable to charge at home or outside. Downside, instead of arriving home plug it in and that's it, I need to go on the trunck, get the cable, remove from the bag, connect it, in the morning do the opposite. I will have to buy plug + socket about 120€.

Option 3 - I can change the plug on the Optima and convert it to the less common type 1, becoming the same as the american version. This way will deprive me from the portable EVSE included with the car since it has a type 2 plug, making it harder to find a place to recharge out of home. I can use my home built EVSE directly without changes. I assume less than 100€ expense.

Option 4 - buy an adapter to adapt the type 1 plug I have to type 2, and use it in the Optima. Both cars remain original, both evse can be used on their car, the home evse also. Cables included with both cars are usable, no wasted money and the cheapest option, maybe 60€.

I'm inclined to option 4, what i'm not happy is I only find this adaptor on Aliexpress, and I'm always afraid on chinese stuff; it can be good or burn the car down, who knows?

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Re: Adapter SAE J1772 IEC Type 1 to IEC Type 2

Wed May 15, 2019 9:41 pm

WOW, that just looks really fancy :)

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