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Re: SoulBox Range Extender project

Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:42 pm

I had a Soul EV 2018 since July 2018 but unfortunately just before it's 1 yr anniversary was T-Boned and now is a write off. I did end up ordering the soulchip in the winter (feb) to recover some winter range and installed it. In the winter my Soul EV (top of line with sunroof) went from 140km guess-o-meter to 155km. I realized the most improvement in the summer once the weather returned back to >16C. When I purchased the soul ev in july my range was typically 190-200km (this was my 3rd EV, gen 1 & 2 volts prior). This summer I was able to easily do 170-180km and the guess-o-meter still show 35-40km range left with the soulchip. I would estimate city driver can easily get 210-220 km on the soulchip. My commute usually consisted of 70% highway, but half of that stuck in Toronto traffic, and my highway speed kept to around 105km. I would say my driving style with soulchip would give me 220-235km range, the 235 if I stick to only city driving. I had great results and experience with soulchip and havent really looked into these forums after I bought it. Since my soul is a write off, I did remove it if anyone interested in purchasing (GTA Canada DM me).

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Re: SoulBox Range Extender project

Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:07 am

Hi aburdek , Is your SoulBox Range extender still available for sale. I am in Canada and just purchased a 2019 Soul EV. Let me know!

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