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Re: Soul Spy?

Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:10 pm

I noticed the other day while monitoring the car while my son was driving down the highway that the motor temp got as high as 53c. I have also noticed that the odbc.temp3 temp rises to 53c while Level 2 charging and then drops back down to high 30s again.

Can anyone confirm that these temps are normal / expected?

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Re: Soul Spy?

Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:56 pm

ksoul2084 wrote:I noticed the other day while monitoring the car while my son was driving down the highway that the motor temp got as high as 53c. I have also noticed that the odbc.temp3 temp rises to 53c while Level 2 charging and then drops back down to high 30s again.

Can anyone confirm that these temps are normal / expected?

I'm still pretty new around here, but the highest I've seen a battery go (temperature) was ~30-32C. That was after about an hour of driving, but in moderate weather (~80F).

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Re: Soul Spy?

Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:56 pm

Never looked to the motor temperature, however I have seen 35°C on the batteries during fast charge.

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Soul EV 2016

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Re: Soul Spy?

Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:56 am

ksoul2084 wrote:Can anyone confirm that these temps are normal / expected?
I don't know what's normal, but I've seen motor temps as high as 80C. I assume I would get some kind of warning light from the car if that was unusual.

My SOH after a few weeks driving with the new battery is 92.8%. It has been higher (at 94.9%), but recently went lower after I drove the car below 18% SOC once again. The range the car starts with is somewhere around 125km currently. So I'm guessing this is were it will stay at. It's a bit lower than when I got the car and I'm not really sure why it is stuck there. I usually drive 90 km in the morning from 100% to around 40% and in the afternoon from 100% to around 50% (more traffic so slower driving) at normal highway speeds so 100 km/h or 120 km/h depending on the location. So I think it should be more like 150 km range. That would also mean the battery should be at least at 100% SOH.

Perhaps the guess-o-meter takes a SOH into account as well? If the car thinks the battery has less kWh than it actually does that might explain the lower range. Of course I'm just guessing here.

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Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:32 am

Glad to find this group! I'm trying to decode what the readings from Soul Spy (Lite) mean. :D
Reading the thread made me realize the amount of work going into the app.

Bluetooth Dongle:
I bought: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B011NS ... UTF8&psc=1

Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner for Android
by Veepeak $17

March 30th, 2019 and it works on Niro EV , Used with a Pixel 3XL . Still available, claims to be compatible with Leaf Spy etc.

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Re: Soul Spy?

Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:38 am

I am the current developer of the Soul EV Spy android app. The app is based on the work of Pierre-Etienne Messier and Tyrel Haveman from 2015-2017. Without their code, as well as the many contributions and encouragements on this forum, the app would not be where it is today. So thanks for all contributions, large and small!

This is the first app ever, that I have in Google Play, so I am learning along the way. I apologize for my mistakes, past, present and future.

There are two versions of the app available from Google Play Store:

Soul EV Spy Lite: Free app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evranger.soulevspy
- Reads data from car, displays most of the data. Does not save data in files. No future improvements (except possibly some translations), DC-charger list from goingelectric.de will probably be removed.

Soul EV Spy: Paid app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evranger.soulspy
- Reads data from car, displays most of the data, stores data in files. Improvements continue: Faster if the sales will buy me some time away from my day job; slower if I have to do this in my spare time and holidays.

The Lite-version is a good choice for most owners of the Kia Soul EV having 27 kWh battery: It calculates the SOH pretty accurately (important for warranty-cases when a cell is failing), and reads more data-values than from other car models. So if the csv-files are of no interest to you, this is currently the cheapest choice. Of course I will appreciate it, if you buy the paid app anyway :-)

The app has some support for every Kia and Hyundai model with a battery (I believe):
Kia: Ray EV, Soul EV, Optima PHEV (set car model = Ioniq), Niro PHEV, e-Niro and e-Soul.
Hyundai: BlueOn EV, Ioniq EV & PHEV, Kona EV

If you try the app in a HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle without ability to charge by cord), or a PHEV not listed above, please let me know what you find.

The app does not calculate SOH accurately for any other car models than the 27 kWh Kia Soul EV. I want to add the SOH calculation for all models, but to do that, I need data, for analysis. Consequently, I am working on adding GDPR-compliant upload of data, so app users can share the data with me. It appears that users will have to register, for GDPR-compliance. More to come.

A volunteer has contributed a French translation of the app texts that are “localizable”. I am planning to refactor the remaining texts that are still hardcoded as English, so if your device is configured to display French texts, please consider to notify me of places where English text are still displayed by the app.

If you want to volunteer to translate the texts in the app to another language, let me know.

I get many questions from users that are new to electric cars, EV technical terms, OBD and bluetooth. A basic user guide for the app could benefit many users. I believe my limited time is spent better on coding, so I am not working on a user guide. If you have time to volunteer starting to write the base document, you can find inspiration in the guide for Leaf Spy: http://sfbayleafs.org/wp-content/media/ ... g20-23.pdf
Something much simpler will do for starters, so do not let the size of this intimidate you. I have been adviced, and agree, that a separate thread on this forum, for newbie questions, is a good starting point for this work. So, if you want to contribute, start by checking if someone else started such a topic; and contribute there. Or start the new topic yourself, and let others contribute, to a shared document. When ready for beta-release, contact me, I will upload it to evranger.com, and add a link to it, in the apps.

You can reach me by email to soulspy@evranger.com, or by sending me a PM in this forum. Feel free to reach out, regarding the app.
Improving Soul EV Spy app. Errors: Send me the soulspy.log*.txt-files
Kia e-Soul: 2019-
Kia Soul EV 2015-2019: http://soul.spjeldager.dk/
Nissan Evalia 2015: http://evalia.spjeldager.dk/
Peugeot 106 Electric 2010-2015: http://elbil.spjeldager.dk/

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