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Re: Battery Calibration

Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:34 pm

Elmil wrote: I always have the calibration at 392.5 +/-0.1V battery voltage, 4.08V (0xCC) cell voltage and 91.5-92.5% SOC.

I did a calibration test last night.
Before max det 7.0%, min det 5.4%
After max det 7.5%, min det 5.8%
Calibration occurred at 393V battery voltage, Some cells 4.10 V some 4.08V, 92.5% SOC.
This is the second time I have see calibration occur at 393V.

And to state the obvious the calibration effect can move the deterioration values up, down or not at all.
The codes for using Torque Pro can be found by clicking the link in the website icon under my user name on the left.

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