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Re: 2016 Soul EV+ ... is my battery eligible for replacement?

Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:52 pm

This post about the battery really helped me to think before purchasing a vehicle. I need to research more about it. Thanks to all.

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Re: 2016 Soul EV+ ... is my battery eligible for replacement?

Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:12 pm

I have had almost the exact same situation.

Went to the dealer with a 45-48 mile range at full and a 67% on soul spy. The dealer first reset the battery which was very annoying - and I waited a couple of weeks for recalibration - and went back to the dealer ready to fight and insist that they do not reset the battery again - but they approved the battery replacement very smoothly!

Kia corporate called me to inform me twice so far to update me on the progress of the new batteries' overseas trip. They called about two weeks ago to say that it has landed in San Diego and is waiting in a warehouse to be freighted to Oregon in the next few days. This didn't happen - it has been two weeks and no sign of it yet - but I am still hopeful. Thought this process would take 6 months and it looks like it happening within 8 weeks or so is likely unless something goes terribly wrong.

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