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Should we buy this 2016 for $11K (US) ?

Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:06 am

I found a 2016 EV base with 64kmi for just shy of $11,000USD in the bay area at a Kia dealer. Car Fax shows it was a lease with 42k miles driven, then a second owner had it for a little over 2 years and got it up to current mileage. Good news is the battery seems to already have been replaced between the first and second owners (the same dealer sold it to the second owner so I'm hoping to ask for more info on the whole story).

How have these second batteries held up? I haven't seen them mentioned so far in threads. Edit – Just found the thread on replacement battery performance and it sounds pretty promising. I'd love to get a SOH report from them but I'm guessing charging it to full then running it down and recharging isn't something I'll be able to do. Is it even worth asking for a SOH in its current state? I'm guessing that these cars move so fast they might not want to bother with my request. It's not too hot or cold here ever so I don't feel too worried about that. The 22,000mi in two years driven by the 2nd owner in the bay area definitely says commuter car to me, but probably a mix of stop & go and moderate speeds, likely not 70mph+ all the time, but who knows.

Overall I appreciate the fit a great deal. We test drove it and a 2018 Niro PHEV @ $28,900USD yesterday, and at 6'4" I was pretty comfortable in each. I'm scrapping my '04 Toyota Matrix to a clean air program an they're giving me $7500 toward a BEV/PHEV (has to be under $46kUS, under 75,000mi, and 2014 or newer), so this is a chance to upgrade. Main car is a 2010 Prius and we've used it to go camping a fair amount this summer with a roof bags and two kids in back (6 & 3yo).

We'd wanted to make the jump to buy a RAV4 Prime to give us more space but the payments are more than we want to be on the hook for. The Niro PHEV caught our eye as an alternative but really its only slightly roomier than the Prius and actually has slightly less trunk area. I didn't like the fit of a Leaf.

Coming back to the concerns at hand…
Will this 2016 EV have a pretty good battery health for another 3-5 years?
Do replacement batteries get a new warranty? is the original 10yr/100,000mi still in effect?
Is there really no way to remotely control the charging now that 3G is gone? Or are there chargers that I can remotely program?
Anything else I should think about/ask?


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Re: Should we buy this 2016 for $11K (US) ?

Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:50 pm

It's not your car, but a similar one in the Bay Area.
This car was the very first on this forum to show battery problems.
27,000 miles 86-mile range; my Soul EV commute is over

Cars in the US do not get a battery with new cells they get a refurbished battery.
Using my car as an example to show how the second battery is better than the first may not be a good idea in the US.
Instead look at this thread.
Second Battery replacement! 2015
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Re: Should we buy this 2016 for $11K (US) ?

Sun Aug 22, 2021 9:07 pm

I am in a similar position. Used 2017 soul ev on a non-Kia dealership lot. Has under 20k miles from one previous lease. Since they are not a Kia dealer, they know nothing about the car and can’t provide any report on the battery. Wondering if I should take the risk of buying it since it still has a few months left of its basic warranty and the battery warranty is good for 10 years.
The only problem is that the touchscreen doesn’t work. They supposedly are taking it to a Kia dealership to look into that problem. No way I would but it if that isn’t fixed, especially since that warranty is now past.
Thanks for any advice. And I would love to hear more about the limitations due to the end of 3G and any workarounds.

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Re: Should we buy this 2016 for $11K (US) ?

Mon Aug 23, 2021 12:30 am

If it is being taken to a KIA dealer, they could ask for a battery SOH readout. Also, if it is a late 2017 (I think after August) it will have the 30 kWh battery, which has the improved technology cells. Those car have a "J" for the 10th character of the VIN.

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