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Re: Free update to Android Auto/Apple Carplay?

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:56 am
by FLKiaEV
Not sure about the UK version, but the link above from slyugo works for USA and Canada. On their website they have a way to report errors etc (which I had to use because it kept telling me I had selected Canada as my region even though my vehicle was from USA: It was an error they were aware of but it didn't prevent me from getting the software).

Anyway, you might be able to go on there and ask where you would get the UK version. There might be a nominal fee (it was only about $30 including shipping for me and I can confirm that it does in fact include Android Auto (and I assume Apple Carplay as well).

Hope this helps. By the way the update process is super easy (directions included in the package and there are YouTube videos too), but takes about 30 minutes or so: With the power off, replace the SD card you have in your system (there's a slot just above the AVN screen) and then power on the system. It will check it and so on for a few minutes and then boot normally. Then go into settings and go down to "System Info" and then "Update System". Sit back and wait for it to complete. The screen might go totally blank for long periods of time but don't panic! It will eventually finish and you'll be good to go. When it's finished leave the SD card in the slot.

Kissimmee, FL

Re: Free update to Android Auto/Apple Carplay?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:54 am
by Lithium
Updating your Kia to include Apple CarPlay is easy and free! You just need to follow these steps:

Log on to to find out if your Kia model qualifies for the free update.
Download the UVO app.
Register and activate your MyUVO account.
Download the update by signing in to your MyUVO account.
Take the SD card from your Kia model’s Navigation head unit and insert it into your computer.
Execute the download tool.
Update your vehicle with the SD card.
*Please note that steps may vary slightly based on model and year

Re: Free update to Android Auto/Apple Carplay?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:58 pm
by FLKiaEV
Yep, and since I got this update they updated it again with new map data AND a fix for an issue with the previous update: Some people (like me) couldn't turn on or change anything in the "scheduled charging" screen. It would always report "Settings were not saved. Please try again later". Anyway, all is good now.

Now the problem is Android Auto, which works but disconnects unexpectedly and randomly. Online searches seem to indicate that you need a very high quality cable to fix this issue, which I am looking into now.

Re: Free update to Android Auto/Apple Carplay?

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 11:51 am
by EWBurden
If you go to another thread on this site, page 6 : New software update installation (video))

There is a post with a link to a firmware update that will get you Apple Carplay:

Fansite wrote:My friend shared the previously downloaded firmware. I checked it out. I updated multimedia in my car. Everything turned out well. As a result of the update, my previous version of ST.PSEV.USA.E483.151002 was replaced with a new one: ST.PSEV.USA.E512.161024

For a while I will post an archive with this firmware on my Google Drive. Do not thank)))

Download link from Google Drive: Kia_Gen4_Software_2016

Photo: Before update and After update

UPD: While I was looking for the firmware version I needed, I came across some version of software for Canada. On my car, she did not fit. When trying to update, the message appeared on the screen: "Not compatible with hardware version. Please check and try again."

If someone needs a version for Canada, you can download it here.

I did download this and it did work on my 2016 Kia Soul ev. No problems.

Now I believe this is all replaced now with this:

I used the above link to get my NAV maps for North America. Either way you will need a 32mb SD card, which you can get from any camera store.