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Ongoing "Charge delayed" using Zappi charger

Fri Aug 13, 2021 11:09 am

My 2015 Soul EV (which I bought in late 2019) charged perfectly on the Zappi charger at home for 12 months. However, in June this year it stopped charging. The screen shows the charge starting and increasing from 0-4kW then dropping to 0 - this cycles through three times before the charge stops and "Charge Delayed" is displayed.

1. Kia dealerships intially blame the charger
2. The car charges on all other chargers we've tried
2. We've purchased a new cable unnecessarily after advice from dealer (thanks Hendy Salisbury...)
3. However, a friends Jaguar iPace does charge on our Zappi
4. The Zappi unit has been replaced by MyEnergi - same issue occurs with the new unit
5. Zappi and Soul checked by Empower and they determine that the issue is with the car and possibly the pilot cable - communication issues between the car and the charger

We are now waiting for our local Kia dealership to respond and hopefully get to the bottom of the problem.

I've heard of a similar problem being reported by another Kia Soul EV owner - are there any more issues out there?

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