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Re: Kia Navigation Updater is available in US and Canada

Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:16 pm

EVDee wrote:
notfred wrote:
EVDee wrote:While all of this is nice, I'm actually just hoping this update fixes the issue I had in the winter where my car would randomly fail to pre-heat in the morning. It seems like this was a known issue with a certain version of software and would affect both pre-conditioning and charge timers.

There was also a BMS firmware update to fix pre-heating in extremely cold conditions (below -20C I think), that may help if you are having issues.

Hmm, well I got both now I guess.
I'm in the process of a battery warranty claim and they "updated" my BMS as part of the process.
Yet when I asked them to update it prior to the warranty claim, no such thing existed.. :roll:

Well, that didn't fix the issue. This morning the car failed to preheat according to schedule.
The only thing I can think of now is putting my 12V battery on a battery conditioner and see if that solves the issue.

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Re: Kia Navigation Updater is available in US and Canada

Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:34 pm

I got an email notifying me of the update and jumped on it.

Wasn't just a map refresh - but whole menu system.

For my 2020 Soul EV, I just needed a 32GB USB memory stick. One handy feature on (the 2020 Soul) is it shows and verbally announces Traffic Cameras ahead (at least for my city).

I used the same Kia updater program to upgrade the menu/map for my gas-powered 2016 Soul. For that, I needed a new 32GB SD card (the car came with only 16GB). I don't usually drive this car, but I didn't really notice much difference before/after for this year/make.

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