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UVO Map updates in Europe

Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:48 am

Hi all !

I got my e-Soul (as it is named in europe) 64kWh e-Design late december in France, demonstration car, had only 3000km on the clock and I have already added 6500km to that number in a short time...

I've stumbled upon a few issues over these kilometers, mainly the map missing plenty of updates, lots of new roundabouts are missing, some are years old... and let's be honest, the charging points database is useless, including over Kia Live which I barely use.

I'm eligible to one yearly update for 7 years, not like every semester for 10 years in some markets, and it'll wait until the next maintenance checkup... and in europe, there are no means to download the updates ourselves, at least officially.

I was wondering if anyone had access to european updates ? Maybe @JejuSoul ? (who does an amazing work on reverse-engineering the OBD bus btw)

Actual versions :
Software: SK3EV.EUR.S5W_L.001.001.190211
Firware: SK3EV.EUR.01.190211.MICOM
App Nav: STD5W.EUR.KMC.181128.2e12cd8_J
Card/Map? : EUR.


Thanks in advance for any insight

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