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Defrost air is too hot

Hello, I have an issue with the defrost in winter which is a bit odd. When I am in defrost mode, the air for the defrost is always maximum heat but the car then becomes too hot . If defrost and lower level is selected and the temperature control is something reasonable like 20C, the defrost is at full hot and the lower level vents are full cold. This is very uncomfortable. Why does the defrost have heat only? Am I doing something wrong?

I can kill the defrost heat by tuning off the heat off... but then the car is cold. In every other car I have driven, the temperature control works even when using defrost, this allows a comfortable cabin while using defrost to minimize any fog on the windshield in the winter while not heating the car too much.

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Re: Defrost air is too hot

There is something wrong in the heater box - maybe an air blending flap is stuck. Take it to the dealer for warranty repair.

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