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Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Good to hear the iceberg is starting to move! I got an email last week from Customer Care that my battery is due in port to LA on 4/25. Can't understand why some get detailed info, vs single pieces of info. Anyway...
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Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Well, I have an appointment to get the dealer to look at the battery SOH on July 1st.

I just ran it down to 3% this afternoon (that was not the plan, but that's how it worked out) which got me into flashing turtle mode before I got home. But...since we're finally sort of starting summer here in the Puget Sound region, I was able to recharge it while well above 50 degrees F. The GOM said 52 miles once the charge completed (we've been seeing 47 to 52 miles first thing in the morning for some weeks).

SoulSpy says the SOH is 58%, and that one cell has a deterioration of about 46% (cell 24). If the dealer gets something like this on July 1st I can at last start on the battery replacement wait. I plan to hang on to the car while waiting (gasoline is well over $5 a gallon around here, and 50 miles of range suits most things we need to do). As long as it stays somewhere near there we can get by for some time.

But getting a new battery with over 100 miles of range, as some others have reported, is something I look forward to. I will certainly treat that new battery more carefully. No more charging to 100% every time. But if charging to 80% gives ~80 miles of range, that will make me quite pleased.

More when I know more.

Oh, in case anyone is curious, the car has a little over 56,000 miles on it at the moment.
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