Kia Soul EV battery details released

As we near the 3rd quarter release of the 2014 Kia Soul EV, Kia is released more details on its first electric vehicle.

Today, Kia issued a press release describing the ‘advanced battery pack’ that is supplied by SK Innovation. The lithium-ion polymer battery pack has a total energy capacity of 27 kWh, and a class leading energy density of 200 Wh/kw.

2014 kia soul ev advanced battery pack

The 192 lithium-ion polymer battery cells are divided into 8 modules, and with state of the art thermal control technology, the pack maintains individual cells at optimum temperatures.

The cathode material Kia is using is nickel-rich nickel-cobalt-manganese.

Recharge time is around 25 minutes with a 100 kW DC quick charger, with a full recharge taking up to 5 hours.

Using a special electrolyte additive, the Soul EV will be able to prevent degradation of battery performance in both high and low temperatures. An on-board battery heater can pre-warm the pack in cold temperatures to help maintain optimum battery performance regardless of outside temperatures.

Kia claims the Soul EV will have a driving range of around 200km. Range is given in kilometers likely because the Kia Soul EV will receive it’s European reveal at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on March 4th. Sales to the UK and European markets are scheduled for Fall 2014.

The Soul EV will initially be sold in Oregon, California, and several eastern stats. Kia plans to offer the vehicle in other markets “in the near future as infrastructure and demand grow.”

Still no pricing for the Soul EV, with Kia saying it will be announced closer to the vehicle’s launch.

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