Kia Soul EV gets EPA rating

The Kia Soul EV has received its official EPA ratings. The all-electric range is 93 miles – putting it higher than the Nissan LEAF’s 84 miles, the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive’s 87 miles, and the BMW i3’s 81 miles.

Interestingly, in the city, the Soul electric vehicle’s city range is 103.6 miles, which puts is on par with the Rav 4 EV that is rated at 107 miles in the city.

Overall efficiency is rated at 105 MPGe, with 120 MPGe in the city and 92 MPGe on the highway.

Soul EV EPA Ratings

One thought on “Kia Soul EV gets EPA rating

  1. Felix EGOLF

    Just hypermiled the KIA Soul EV on a cool n’ cloudy November day (42° to 48° F) in Switzerland from and to KIA’s headquarter @ Safenwil. After 148 miles in 5.5 hours (overall ø-speed 27 mph) thru 58 villages (there of 6 cities) I used up 98% of the battery capacity (fromm 99% down to 1 %). Total elevation gain/loss was 5900 ft. Payload was 220 lbs… Didn’t go on the autobahn and obeyed a 45 mph speed limit.


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