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  1. J

    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    Thank you @sjcaus -It's about time we had some good news on this forum! I'll invite you to the Seattle EV Association meeting sometime, details here: SEVA meets again on April 9th at the Rivian showroom in University Village. Sure, it's a bit nervousing to...
  2. J

    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    Burst capacitors inside the charger were the main common problems on early Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan LEAF as well. The i-MiEV community dove right in and many newbies have been successful with their first EVer board-level soldering since!
  3. J

    KIA of Portland OR, Ken Cornelison GM. - Liars, Thieves and Cheats...and Elder Abusers...

    @BuffMedb one thing to double-check is what happened to member @BEC who was at first denied a warranty replacement but discovered the dealer had tested the 12 Volt battery! He explained the need to repeat the test with a different tool on the correct battery right then and there, and walked out...
  4. J

    Kia buy back

    Absolutely to the retail valuation (or a higher allowance towards a replacement KIA).
  5. J

    All season tire

    I’m happy with the efficiency of Bridgestone Ecopia 422, which is the consensus leader on LEAF forums. Its wet traction is far better than the original Nexens (discontinued), and can be had pretty inexpensively, I got the best price from WalMart.
  6. J

    Tesla Fast Charge Adapter

    Yes, I just have to take the time to do some logs and send 'em back. I've tested on all the major models of DCFC around here, Tritium, Delta, etc.. and also with my 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The adapter just blinks away happily as if waiting for a handshake, but the CCS1 pedestal EVentually...
  7. J

    Tesla Fast Charge Adapter

    I've been using a TESLA UMC as my road-tripping EVSE for a couple of years now, and plug it in with an adaptor. Yes, it's just a physical pass-through with no internal logic. Locuturus, I have the same CCS1 charger to CHAdeMO car adaptor. It hasn't worked yet, but I'm not a great partner...
  8. J

    Allow me to introduce myself...

    I'm running the Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422 Plus, as they're the most efficient tire among LEAF drivers, have good wet traction, and can be had for less than $100, often via WalMart. Not particularly quiet, but better dry traction than our original Nexen tires. Just took 'em out of winter...
  9. J

    KIA of Portland OR, Ken Cornelison GM. - Liars, Thieves and Cheats...and Elder Abusers...

    Agreed, Buff. Stealerships are no place for nonprofessional buyers to do battle with professional sellers, especially in the shady world of used cars. I bought the SOUL EV specifically because I had a killer 151 mile per day commute that would kill the battery during the warranty period (with...
  10. J

    Allow me to introduce myself...

    Howdy back, Spidermonkey! Our 2016 got the battery replaced at 83k miles and is doing great at 108k. It does alright with winter traction tires, but is nowhere near the snowy hill-climber that our RWD Mitsubishi I-MiEVs are (two 2012 models). The MiEV has more cargo room and ground clearance...
  11. J

    Long wait for potential 3rd 2015 Kia Soul battery replacement

    Why isn’t KIA providing a loaner car and/or paying for your mileage?
  12. J

    80% or 100% charge scheduling not starting when programmed. 2016 Soul EV+

    Hi Lithium, if you're referring to an app such as JuiceBox or ChargePoint telling you the car's SOC, that's just an estimate based on your input parameters. KIA has refused to update our obsolete cellular modems, so no remote function of my 2016 for years now, while my 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV...
  13. J

    Car stuck at dealer for 3 months awaiting warranty battery replacement (2017 Soul EV)

    Hi @JordanRieger, when my battery was replaced I didn't get anything that I didn't push for firmly but politely. After waiting a couple of months (still driving on my depreciated battery), I got a loaner because the "SOUL no longer meets my daily needs." and I rejected the offering of a compact...
  14. J

    Adventure Begins !

    Hey SoulMan, I d be happy to meetup and run SoulSpy on your car. Maybe you could come to the Seattle EV Association meeting this Tuesday at the U Village Rivian showroom?
  15. J

    Adventure Begins !

    Hi SoulMan, I’m near Puyallup and went thru the battery warranty replacement already. You absolutely can leave the dealer with your car once they determine SOH has fallen below the 70% threshold. I kept the car for another month to negotiate an upgrade to the rental car when I needed one...
  16. J

    Battery Recall for cars with E400 high-voltage battery.

    Gosh @Nedhastings, that doesn't seem to make sense. You should get a loaner/rental vehicle the moment you turn in the car for warranty work, not when they get around to a diagnosis! I demanded a 'premium 5 seat SUV' in return for my top trim SOUL in order to run up their rental bill and remain...
  17. J

    2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

    Russell, what makes you think that Electrify America over-amped your battery? I blame EA for slow-rolling CHAdeMO as part of their master plan to kill us off (before they got killed by NACS). I regularly saw 74 kW on an EA DCFC before they throttled the equipment back to 50 kW. Our...
  18. J

    Charging price

    ChargePoint does not put any upcharge over the station's posted price, which is set by the station host, most other networks are similar in that what you see is what you pay. AmpUp has a default mode which adds taxes and transaction fees to the posted price, though hosts can remedy that to make...
  19. J

    Battery Recall for cars with E400 high-voltage battery.

    Anybody notice reduced DCFC performance after the software update? I don't DCFC very often, but my 30 kWh warranty replacement battery has stopped at 67% on the last two sessions, and didn't pull more than 50 kW EVen though the station was rated for much more on CHAdeMO.
  20. J

    Should I Keep My Wrecked Kia Soul EV for Parts?

    I've become a resource for salvaged i-MiEV parts within that small community through a similar situation. I didn't crash, but needed a battery replacement at 106k miles, so bought a low-mileage wreck from the salvage auction. I'm on my third salvage car now, have learned a heap about that...