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    Car stuck at dealer for 3 months awaiting warranty battery replacement (2017 Soul EV)

    Got mine back on Wednesday after 4 months. The range says 80 because it hasn't been able to reset yet - but I drove over 100 on a charge and had 10 left to go. Woohoo! Glad the update seems to be working.
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    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    How many of you have gotten your car back? I am still getting radio silence after 4 months?
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    Car stuck at dealer for 3 months awaiting warranty battery replacement (2017 Soul EV)

    So you guys got yours back!? What did they do to fix it?
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    Car stuck at dealer for 3 months awaiting warranty battery replacement (2017 Soul EV)

    The whole process seems super weird. My battery had good SOH and seemed solid but after I had the battery harness replaced on warranty it went into turtle mode. Now it has been 3 months and I have had a loaner. I am frustrated because I am pretty sure it is a harness issue as everything worked...
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    Kia buy back

    What was the reasonable dollar amount? Do you feel comfortable sharing? I am in the same boat - my car has been at the dealer almost 3 months but no buy back talk. Just a loaner car and no new information. I swear the battery is fine - the problem started the day after I did the harness recall...
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    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    I am in the same boat. Did the recall on the battery harness and went into turtle mode the next day - dealership suggested it was unrelated even though it was the next day but reset the software and that seemed to fix things. 6 weeks later when it got cold out it went into turtle mode again - I...
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    IMHO Lease and NEVER buy

    As the recipient of someone else who had your experience, I can say that as the buyer of a 2015 Kia Soul EV in 2020 for 10K - and the car is now eligible for a new battery replacement under warranty I feel like I got a great deal. I think not buying new is an important caveat to your post -...
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    2016 Soul EV+ ... is my battery eligible for replacement?

    I have had almost the exact same situation. Went to the dealer with a 45-48 mile range at full and a 67% on soul spy. The dealer first reset the battery which was very annoying - and I waited a couple of weeks for recalibration - and went back to the dealer ready to fight and insist that they...
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    Oregon Soul EV Owners

    Just bought a used 2015 Kia Soul EV+ and am excited to join you guys. I wonder if I am the only Soul EV in Salem?
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    Soul EV Spy Questions and Answers

    I think I was having issues with the same issue and came to the same solution. Glad to have my suspicion confirmed.
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    New software update installation (video)

    Thank you for uploading the files to Google Drive! I installed the update to my 2015 Kia Soul EV+ - which I just bought two days ago - using google drive file and now have working Android Auto and Apple CarPlay! Huzzah! Unfortunately it says that my navigation system is no longer has the...