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    Help! Should we buy a Soul EV

    I bought a Kia 2016 Kia Soul last year and had the battery replaced within the first month. Once the battery was replaced the car has been great however I give you this warning When it drops below 50 the battery goes from having a 100 Mi to the charge to 70 Mi or maybe even 65. I'm not...
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    Soul Spy BMS numbers

    SoH is under the Car menu item
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    Car at dealership, waiting for battery. Why?

    my usable mileage was down to 40 per charge which was unacceptable. In that case why would I have it sitting at home instead of on their lot taking up their space.
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    Service Reminder notice

    Thanks. I probably am missing it but those manuals seem to talk about maintenance for non EV cars.
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    Service Reminder notice

    My dash has countdown warning about needing service. Can someone tell me what services might be required for a 2016 Soul EV with 50000 miles?
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    No Proof of Maintenance

    I thought I would add my experience in the US. I just bought a 2016 Kia Soul EV with 41K miles and had 2 previous owners. I was very worried about the battery the dealership I bought it from. which was not a Kia, had gotten a certificate from a local Kia dealership saying that the battery...