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    Allow me to introduce myself...

    I installed 205/60R-16 Continental PURECONTACT LS SL @$146.99 each at TireRack Good grip and quiet. Jun 22,23.
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    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) firmware : (November 2023 - another recall)

    I try to put the parking brake on manually every time I put it in park. I'm not going to let them update my car!
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    Battery Recall for cars with E400 high-voltage battery.

    Does anyone knows the part # of the pack? mine is 37510 E4350 (2018) replacement
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    Hell-o all My 2018 has been at the dealership since Dec 12 2021 with 76,600 miles. No information when will it arrive.