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    Range for Fully Charged(?) 2017 Soul

    I also have a 2017. I live in Phoenix and left for a month and came back to a range of 58 miles on a full charge. The dealership tested the SOH at 86%. With the AC on (a MUST here) and going on the freeway, I'll be lucky if I can drive 25 miles before needing to charge for another 14 hours. If...
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    In Summer it's best to park in the shade.

    Looks like you might be in Phoenix. I just bought a 2017 and I live in Phoenix and I'd love to talk to someone else in the desert about their battery life.
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    Any Arizona owners out there?

    I bought a 2017 Soul EV yesterday. I really love it! But... I'm wondering about the battery SoH. Right now, I'm getting 84 miles on a full charge. The car was traded in by someone who leased it in California. I live in Phoenix with a carport that gets afternoon sun. I don't drive a lot since I...