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    Rumor - 2nd Gen Soul EV not coming to US

    In the last couple of weeks there have been two articles saying that it is returning to the US. One older article said that Kia denied the rumor that it wasn't. Other car websites haven't removed the "2021 or later" from their websites. Is it coming or not? Has Kia made a public statement either...
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    No Proof of Maintenance

    Now I'm looking at a 2017 Soul EV base off a 3 year lease. Cold weather car. Very good condition 15,000 miles. Battery showing 94 miles of range. Car Fax doesn't list any maintenance. Does list registration, inspections, etc. If previous owner did the tire rotations and checked fluids...
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    Buying a 2018

    What's the worst case scenario range that people have in cold states Winter? With a 27kWh. A just before replacement kind of range? 60? Worse?
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    Buying a 2018

    That's a great tip! What happens to one of those heaterless batteries in New Hampshire without the garage? More degradation?
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    Buying a 2018

    Thanks. I've been looking for a 30kWh 2017 by VIN. Not many of those out there right now though.
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    Buying a 2018

    Hello. New to the forum. I'm interested in buying a 2018 Soul EV (don't want any other EV) to get the bigger battery and have longer left on the warranty. I see them on Carvana listing around $17,999. with one outlier at $14,999. They are from California (2), Arizona and Georgia. The mileage...