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    Ormond Otvos, Richmond California. 2016 base model. 40,000 miles. Still on first tires, but soon new rain tires. Good mileage, still charges to 93 miles range, always level 2 charged except once to see if DCFC worked. Fantastic car, use all the space often 5 adults plus luggage, small trees, 10...
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    Accelerating as much as possible as often as possible ok?

    Yes, but... I have stopped kicking butt at stoplites, for fear I might break something. 2016, 40k miles, base model. Always whined a little.
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    Questions about purchasing a 2016 Soul EV.

    Mine started new at 110. Now it's 93 on a warm day BUT it frequently gets way more than the initial range indicated. I drive for range.