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    Parking brake button

    That part number matches mine, with parking sensors. Cost was $194.78+tax Now, I need to figure out how to pull the old one out.
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    Buyers Remorse

    I am sorry that has been the case. I have had mine for 14mo and not a single issue. <knock on wood> I love the damn thing.
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    Charge Time With Level 1 Charger

    I am pretty sure the L1, for a flat battery takes 24-26hrs.
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    Hyundai AE (All Electric) to be available before Chevy BOLT

    Scooter in the door? Interesting idea if you do not have a charger near your home.
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    Actual Range

    In miles, I see it vary from 67 to 97, depending on the outside temperature (temps 27*F-90*F). That is what is displayed on the guessometer. I find I get 10+ more actual miles IRL.
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    All New Uvo Eco app!

    As UberGandolf said, you have to refresh it every time to get the latest and greatest.
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    Kia Niro EV to launch later this year

    I didn't see anything about the battery size. I REALLY hope they release something with around a 60kWh battery in the next 2 years.
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    CarPlay and volume of calls and music

    With bluetooth, the volume on the phone affects the volume you hear, but not with carplay. Changing the volume on the phone will not change anything.
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    Auto locking of charging cable

    As stated by SiLiZiUMM... I have found if you lock the doors first, the port is not locked, but it usually cuts off charging after a few minutes. My wife frequently went out to a low battery (no charging had taken place) until I had her stop locking the doors first. Problem disappeared.
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    Charging Fault error.

    I scheduled my 1 year check up (a few months late) at Renton CarPros (Renton, WA). I tried to push them to swap the OBC, linking to articles and explaining the problem. They talked to the warranty manger and they said they cannot do it unless I am having issues with the car (because the part is...
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    what other cars did you consider?

    My wife loves telling people she has not been to a gas station in over a year.
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    Lease Return or Buyout

    I leased at the end of Oct 2015, Seattle, WA (technically Renton). 3yr, 45k mi $15k residual.
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    Charging Fault error.

    goto, you can drag and drop to add pics. Once they are hosted on the site, you can use the url to add them to this forum. Grab the address to the image from imgur ( and copy it. In a post on this forum, click the img button and it will add "[img ][/img ]"...
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    27,000 miles 86-mile range; my Soul EV commute is over

    Yesterday, the battery was at 100% and the SOC read 71 miles. I had a 70 mile trip. Got home with 11 left on the SOC.
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    Seat warmers - viewed with a flir camera

    The temps dropped here in the PNW, so I decided to find out where the seat warmers in the car were. I opened the doors to get a greater difference between the hot and cold. Driver's seat... Rear seats only have warmers in the bottom...
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    Exclamation point and beeping when putting car in reverse

    Maybe this... It happened to me a few weeks back, never saw it again.
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    Just Joined - Here's My EV Story

    I have seen some whacky numbers in the history list recently, I think they introduced a bug. But your photo does show you driving with a 3.2 Maybe watch the dash to see if it changes from 3.2.?.?
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    Cargo area cover?

    Yup, I was disappointed as well. I ended up paying $400 for track to be added to my roof. But that is off topic and shown in another thread.
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    Stop vehicle and check power supply

    I am not sure about #1. For #2, I would try this. Make sure you lock your car AFTER you plug in. For a while, my wife would open the charge door, lock the car, then plug in and charging would stop after a few minutes. I never had the issue, but I routinely locked after I plugged in. Once I...
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    OBD-II adapter killed by car?

    Ah, thanks. The "Fun in the Sun" package is the one thing I didn't get (sunroof, speaker lights).