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    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    (I didn't mean to post that yet...) My mileage is 25,616. I meant to say that in 40⁰ weather my range is lower even if I don't use any heat. If I do use heat it initially drops rang by 11 miles or so, but it seems to be a bit worse than that if I drive 20 miles or so. In cooler weather it is...
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    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    I am new to the forum also. I am ignorant about the 80% charging option or the need to use it. My 2017 shows more range in warmer weather, whether or not I use heat, defroster, seat heat. In 40' F weather, my range is on tne mid 80's. This morning it was 98 miles. I drive frugally most of...
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    Kia dealer has my SoulEV for 3+ months

    Two KIA dealers had my 2017 Soul EV for just over 10 months. They provided no loaner nor a rental car. Their responsibility was only to repair the car. I'm jealous.
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    Check electric vehicle system warning

    In the U.S. I had a problem with that warning message in a 2017 KIA Soul EV. It was November 16, 2022. I noticed it after the car abruptly stopped powering the drive wheels while going 35mph in cruise control. The wheels locked up as if I had applied the brakes for an emergency stop. I had...