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    Spare Key FOB

    Has anybody tried the discount online sources for obtaining a spare key fob? For example ?
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    Limiting the charge to 80% - Level 2 Charger?

    Unfortunately in the 2017, the 80% option was removed. The car seems great otherwise, but this simple and important feature missing is quite frustrating.
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    Limiting the charge to 80% - Level 2 Charger?

    I just got a 2017 and I want to find a good routine to keep the charge between 80 and 20 percent to preserve the battery health. I understand that Kia didn't make this easy for us with a simple setting, and some people use the charge scheduling feature and do the math each time they park. This...
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    Battery SoH 18%?

    I'm considering a used 2017 Soul EV, but I'm worried that the battery might be junk. It's got about 55k miles on it. When I turned it on, the dash said 43mi left in the charge, but looked like 75% on the gauge. I downloaded the EVNotify app and tried to get an ODBII reading and it seems to be...