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    Getting a power inverter - what size to not drain the 12v battery too quickly?

    I’m hoping to get a power inverter to hook up to the 12v battery in a power outage. What size would not exceed a 2922 Soul EV’s ability to top the 12v battery up? This is a Canadian unit, in case that makes a difference. Thanks very much!
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    No more Kia Soul EV for Canada, apparently

    According to, the Kia Soul EV is no longer for Canada after 2023. :( I spoke to my local dealership, and they not only confirmed the news they said they weren't going to be getting enough...
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    Sounds like there will be a 2023 Kia Soul EV

    Good find! I'm watching the YouTube video now. Other than the new front, it doesn't seem any much different. Glad that the 2023 top-trim in Canada does have the heated rear seats as the 2021 did, I remember not seeing that listed on the 2022 model's spec list (perhaps an oversight on the...
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    Sounds like there will be a 2023 Kia Soul EV

    The Kia Hyundai channel on YouTube (a channel for one Kia dealership and two Hyundai dealerships in southern Ontario) has stated that they expect a new Kia Soul EV, based upon the 2023 revision of the ICE Soul. They mostly expect the front-end to look a little different, they don't expect other...
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    Solar charging a 2016 Soul EV

    My testing so far indicates that it can, but you'd need an appropriate inverter, and it might only work if you can deliver current that meets or exceeds 500w. However, replacing the inverter with an appropriate power station would be a winner, and not necessarily a lot more expensive if you got...
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    Solar charging a 2021 Soul EV

    With some experimenting, the lowest rate of charge I was able to get a 2021 Soul EV to accept was 0.5 kW, which was setting an EVSE to its slowest rate (10 amp), and setting the on-board AC charger to its lowest rate. I'm curious if I could force it lower by using an EVSE that can go down to 8...
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    Solar charging a 2016 Soul EV

    Thanks for the reply. The actual rate of charging isn't important, as this could be a daily thing, for 8.5 hours a day activity, for a car that doesn't get driven very far. :)
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    Solar charging a 2016 Soul EV

    That makes sense. But that's not much of a problem if the minimum level is, for example, 0.1 kW. And it's a huge problem if it's 1.0 kW. ;) Seems like no one knows for sure, so it's time to experiment and see what I can figure out (if anything). Or give up and get a portable lithium ion...
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    Solar charging a 2016 Soul EV

    Heh... 2.25 kW, I wish! In North America our included charge cables (EVSE units) are only 120 volts/12 amps, so the theoretical maximum is 1.44 kW, and you'll never quite get that due to losses. :P 2.25 kW would also be a gigantic solar array to place on top of a car. I'm thinking something...
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    Solar charging a 2021 Soul EV

    I already posted this in the 2019 and earlier forum, but it occurs to me that the second-gen Soul EV be different, so I'm posting it here as well. I watched an interesting YouTube video that demonstrated why you can't/shouldn't trickle-charge a Nissan Leaf directly from a solar panel, and the...
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    Solar charging a 2016 Soul EV

    Hi there, I watched an interesting YouTube video that demonstrated why you can't/shouldn't trickle-charge a Nissan Leaf directly from a solar panel, and the video's assertion was that the car requires a minimum level of current when charging the high voltage battery. However, some cars...
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    There are new Soul EVs on the lot?! Here in Victoria BC, there's a 4-6 month waiting list to get a Soul EV!!!!
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    Electric Vehicle Brakes

    I have a pretty high degree of confidence in both Bjorn Nyland and Rich Rebuilds. If they both say they're good pads, then they're probably good pads. As to whether it's necessary or not, I agree that that's an entirely different question.
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    My Soul EV's Full Charge Is About 10 Miles Less In Colder Weather(below 50 degrees)

    Agreed that 15 C is not winter in any part of the world where Winter Mode would be required! The Kia manual agrees with you that it kicks in at 15 C, and I agree that seems way too high. My understanding is that turning on Winter Mode engages the battery heater in more conditions. With regard...
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    Charging Port Door Mechanism in WInter

    I wonder if building a lean-to and nosing the Soul EV into it would be a partial solution? I'm suggesting this without deep understanding of your situation, so this is just me spit-balling here. My experience with the 2021 Soul EV is that it's harder to open (or to latch closed) if I don't...
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    Kia Soul EV sales figures

    Thanks for the tip, I did just that! Wow, the Soul EV is proportionally more popular in Canada than anywhere else, it seems! The Soul EV sold 1,203 units in Canada and 8,087 in Europe in 2021. That's vs. the e-Niro selling 2,344 in Canada and 47,306 in Europe. The Niro EV beats it only 2:1...
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    Kia Soul EV sales figures

    Anyone seen any global sales figures for the Kia Soul EV for recent months/years? I wonder how the Soul EV is doing as the number of EV options proliferate, and Kia starts rolling out the EV6 in some markets. Despite the EV6 coming, they still launched a revision of the e-Niro, so it's by no...
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    20k km and no SOH reading yet

    I suppose I would get an even more accurate guess if I used SoulSpy to see the state of charge down to a decimal too, eh? But then I'd have to go by the full size of the pack, not just the useable portion.
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    Analysis of a replacement battery.

    Yeah, I remember reading that earlier. Thank you for reminding me about it! :) I expect your method would provide a pretty good guesstimate, for sure. :)
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    Do I have a chance?

    In addition to what others have said, fast charging and fast discharging are both bad for the battery pack. So if you DO charge it then charge it at the highest amperage you can, preferably exceeding 19 amp (and the more you exceed it by, the better). And if you do drive some of those...