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    2014-2019 Soul EV Floor Mats

    We got the $200 floormat from Weathertech because we get so much mud and snow in the winter. They contain a full spilled soda.
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    Can a 6yo 2016 KIA Soul EV report SOH 100%?

    I once had a guy at the Dealer tell me that the state of charge and the state of health were the same thing.
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    I just got my 2017 Soul EV back from the dealership and they replaced the traction battery. It has been more than 6 months. I drove it 60 miles and the guessOmeter still shows 40 miles of range. That is a good indicator. I will drive my normal 48 mile round trip commute twice next week...
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    buying a used 2016 kia soul from carvana - does this look right

    i suspect that I would rule this car out based upon that picture, but if you can arrange a test drive you may be able to see the Battery SOH using an app and an OBD dongle. of course, the easiest way to know the capacity is to arrange a test drive of at least 20 miles in a straight line...
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    Congratulations Mdbuilder, It gives the rest of us hope. I Took my car into two dealers. The first that just reset the battery and delayed everything for a few months sent me a letter this month that [due to the increase in demand and price for fuel efficient cars] they would like to buy my EV...
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    I am in the same boat. It has only been 6 weeks, but no contact and no follow up yet.
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    2017 Soul battery degradation story

    After a few more attempts to get the EV looked at by a dealer I finally got it verified. They told me the pack is being assembled overseas and they will let me know when it ships. I kept the vehicle as I do not want to drive a ICE for months. I can get to work and back with about 10-20% left...
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    2017 Soul battery degradation story

    @IanL thanks, I will try in another week. With the cold weather coming, I was hoping to get it resolved before the range decreases more.
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    2017 Soul battery degradation story

    It has been 14 days since the BMS reset at the dealer which returned the GOM to 110 miles at 100% and the GOM now shows 65 miles at 100% I attempted to use SoulEVSpy today and got "unknown deterioration and all of the battery cells except one is blank. The manual says: Q: Why does the car show...
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    2017 Soul battery degradation story

    Good advice. in a couple weeks the range on the GOM should show a more accurate estimation of range and I will do that.
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    2017 Soul battery degradation story

    I Bought a 2017 Soul EV + in 2019. The first year or so I got about 100 miles of range which got me to work and back twice. [46 round trip] I like the car and want to keep it, but the range was showing 56 miles when 100 miles after charging. I have a 1500 foot elevation gain as I return home...
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    Clipper Creek LCS-20 will not work

    Failures in the EVSE is rare. do you know someone else with an EV that could try it out?
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    How to estimate SoH for Buying Used

    I bought a used 2017 with sun and fun package. the sunroof is not worth extra in my opinion. It is just a seal that can leak in the future. I tried to get two different dealers to test the battery to get a SOH. one actually pulled it into the service area, but when the mechanic realized I was...
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    Lemon Law anyone?

    What you reference as a lemon law usually only applies after many repair attempts that do not fix the problem. I would suspect they feel that replacing the battery is fixing the problem. If they get many people needing two battery replacements they may reconsider selling this vehicle in hot...
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    Looking for my Second EV

    We did our longest road trip today. From east of Sacramento to Monterey. We charged in Patterson and in Hollister on the way there and we charged in Santa Nella and Stockton on the way home. We got one warning light come on the suggested some issue with the EV system. If was on the way back. I...
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    How to stop charging?

    Some level 2 chargers have a start and stop button, but many do not. I just pull out the cord when I want to go. It does not hurt anything
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    2016 Kia soul EV charging upgrade

    @Tcalp If bought a Leaf S without at DC QC 3.3Kw Charger. not for road trips, but it does my 50 mile commute fine. I just charge at night and I am ready to go in the morning. I would have preferred to have the QC as an option, but I was shopping on price and the S trim was on steep discount.
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    2016 Kia soul EV charging upgrade

    Unless you are an electrical engineer I would not suggest it. It is more than just the charging port. it affects the BMS and Charger inside the car. there is a shop in SoCal that installs them in the toyota RAV-4 for instance. they cal it the Jdemo
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    Kia Wireless Qi Charger Accessory Questions

    My son has one of those and I hade a wireless charger for home, but they are so inefficient that they seem to clash with an EV, IMO Instead I got a powerbank that I charge at home and keep in the car for times I need to recharge. The efficiency is no better, but I am not depleting the total...
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    Strange buying opportunity

    What month was in manufactured? What is the vehicle history on Carfax? Has it been sitting fully charged in a Dealer lot in a hot climate? Are they selling them as new or used? Will you be able to use the tax cr dit I r was it used already? Big price break? Seems suspicious, but I bought a 2016...