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    BMS software update

    I had campaign 170055 applied to MY15, I believe at a service in late August (vs when I had my charger replaced for a 2nd time back in June). It has not made any difference to the DCQC and "Blue light" indicator - it still doesn't come on, and it also has not changed the battery rebalance point...
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    Map Update Version 9.5 to be released December 1st

    What was the special limited-time offer ... I see the update is $239 right now.
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    What's up with 84% charge on L3??

    I put a meter on my L2 charger, and have observed it charges at the full L2 charge rate (40A / 7.2kW/hr) right up to 98%. I was surprised that it charged that aggressively!
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    Range from 100% Charge Dropping

    My range has been shifting all over the map ... from as low as 120k at 100% to as much as 160km, over the past month or so. Temperature does seem to have an effect, and most definitely driving habits / behaviour. The best advice I have read, is to pick a benchmark, and measure to that mark. As...
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    Battery degradation

    I set up the 2 stage charging by setting 1 charge timer to start a charge to 80% at 10:30pm, and the 2nd charge timer to start a charge to 100% at 5:30 am. I tend to drive the car down to approx 20% - 25% charge most days, and find the first charge finishes to 80% in around 2 hrs, while the...
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    Battery degradation

    I've now passed 20,000km, and have mostly not noticed any significant difference in my range. In the past week or two, with the cooler weather, I've noticed a reduced indication of range on start up. I have changed my charging strategy a little. I used to always charge to 100% over night (2...
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    Things you don't like about the Soul EV

    It seems the aluminum body panels are very easily dented ... I noticed a door must have bumped the front driver-side panel and left a little dent ... fortunately didn't remove any paint ... but that is the other problem I've noticed on the hood - I bumped it with the charger connector, trying to...
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    Winter in Toronto

    There was an informal comparison of the heat pump heater vs element heater ... I typically observed it using a max of approx 2kw and tapering down to a few hundred watts once the cabin temperature was achieved. The owner in the Ottawa area found he used closer to 4kw and it didn't taper down as...
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    Charger installation costs

    I find the 8 gauge wire gets a bit warm during charging. I only have a 6' run from my breaker panel to the charger ... I agree with you on that ... for 100', I would go up a step to be safe ... in theory, you could install a small pony (sub) panel in the garage, with a larger 60A breaker in you...
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    Recommendations for Winter Tires?

    I looked into winter tires last fall, when I had high hopes of getting my Soul EV before Christmas. From what I could tell, the X-Ice 3 were low resistance, as indicated by their high fuel rating. Winter tire choice is often driven by personal preferences, but for my money, the XIce Michelins...
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    Battery University a good resource for battery info

    I came across some interesting articles and research on the website below, covering a wide range of topics from battery use in EVs, to battery charging, temperature and depth of discharge usage characteristics:
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    Ontario Soul owners

    There is some good research that shows charging the batteries in hot temperatures leads to a faster deterioration rate for the batteries ... I don't think I've actually seen numbers (eg charging at 30C leads to a specific deterioration rate vs at 20C or 10C). Not specifically about charging and...
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    Plugshare vs ChargePoint and other apps

    Plugshare tends to be what I use most often, although I have also used the Sun Country app, CAA, chargepoint, and for the Markham DCQC Vernetwork app. It is very unfortunate one cannot add charger to the NAV directory of the Soul EV as a true charger ... only as an additional directory entry :(
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    Ontario Soul owners

    Yes, I can't say I've noticed much of a difference in range from the heat either. From what I've read, it is more about the potential damage from charging when it is hot ... and I tend to charge over night, or as recommended, the few times I've charged during the day at the Markham DCQC, I've...
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    Loading Music onto the Car

    Wow - didn't know I could get the clock to display! Either analog or digital ... I found I had to hold the radio volume button in for a few seconds (when turning the radio / media system off) to get it to display ... I like that!! I couldn't find anything to turn speaker lights on, but I have...
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    Considering a Soul EV - in Toronto Canada

    I've got a 100km round trip (all non-highway) ... during the summer I've been using approx 55% of charge for the round trip ... I've learned it takes 25% to go to work and 30% to come home - there is an elevation difference of approx 100' ... so I now know coming home from Markham I have to...
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    Winter Tires and Rims

    Interesting ... when I had hope last Nov/Dec of receiving my car, I had gone ahead and ordered a standard set of Kia Soul steel (winter) rims through Canadian Tire, and set of 4 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 tires, which, from what I could tell, were there only SLRR winter tires I could find (based on...
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    Loading Music onto the Car

    My 2015 has the ability to copy songs off of my USB stick into the multimedia system ... one by one ... I haven't copied enough to try to see if I can arrange them or anything, but I'll have to take a look and see if I can figure it out.
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    Is there a place to see kw charge history?

    Nothing that I've seen / found. I'm considering adding a KWh meter to the power line feed, so I know how much the car is using (rather than comparing my year-over-year usage, and my typical charging time Time-of-use info.
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    Denied service request at Kia dealership

    Wow - I took my Soul EV+ to my local Canadian Tire garage to get my tires rotated ... when I tried to book an appt with my Kia EV Dealer, they never got back to me! I know where my winter tires will be coming from ...