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  1. J

    No Free Android Auto or Apple Carplay for Canada

    Download was a bit slower than expected, but that might just be my aging computer's fault. Installation onto the old SD card and then into the car went smoothly. As for the features, there's nothing new. I believe it just updated the map.
  2. J

    No Free Android Auto or Apple Carplay for Canada

    I downloaded the update to my computer last night, and I expect I'll be installing it onto the SD card and then into my car this evening. I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. J

    what other cars did you consider?

    We test drove a Leaf, and quite liked it. We preferred the Soul, though, because it had more room in the back seat (my son is 5'10" at age 13) and in the trunk. I also test drove a Tesla Model S, and loved it, but the price was too high. We had hoped to test drive a Ford Focus Electric and a...
  4. J

    Welcome to the Kia Soul EV Forum

    That's awesome! I was in Spain (San Sebastian and briefly Madrid) this past summer, and I don't think I saw any EVs. Hope you can be a pioneer!
  5. J

    Charging Adaptors

    To add to what SoulEV2016 said, Tesla Supercharger stations are restricted to Tesla vehicles because Tesla owners pay a premium when they buy the car, and in return they get free access to these fast chargers. On the topic of your original concern, if you have a smartphone, you can get the...
  6. J

    Vancouver, BC

    Awesome thanks!
  7. J

    Vancouver, BC

    Very nice! Where are the chargers at Park Royal? I've seen the mall marked on PlugShare, but I haven't found the chargers there yet. (To be fair, I haven't really looked, but my kids sometimes play soccer in that area, so it would be nice to know!)
  8. J

    Vancouver, BC

    For the edification of other Vancouver-area Soul EV owners, I'll relate briefly the pertinent details of my trip to the Seattle area this past weekend. Before we left, I bought a monthly subscription to Aerovironment for US$19.99. Sadly, I did so too late to get the key fob (additional US$15...
  9. J

    Welcome to the Kia Soul EV Forum

    I just got back from the UK and Spain yesterday. I saw very few EVs in either country - I think I saw a Tesla in Madrid and one in London, but otherwise nothing. A few Priuses and other hybrids, but fewer than we see here in Vancouver, and no "pure" EVs.
  10. J

    Ontario EVCO

    Here in BC, EVs are also eligible to travel in HOV lanes with only the driver in the car. We only get a sticker, though, not a cool green licence plate! :cry:
  11. J

    eUVO Services in Canada, eh?

    I don't know about where you are, but the map on my Soul EV (I'm in BC) only shows ChargePoint charging stations. I think Kia must have got a deal with ChargePoint or something. You're much better off to get Plugshare or a similar app for your smartphone and use that to find charging...
  12. J

    Vancouver, BC

    Yeah, there's a fast charger in Squamish you could stop at, and another at the Whistler conference centre. Plan on a couple of half-hour stops and you should be fine!
  13. J

    Bosch charger rebates? (Ontario, Canada)

    I don't know about the Ontario rebate, but the voucher you were supposed to get from Kia was worth $595 towards your purchase, so you got the benefit of it anyway. That's the price of the 16A model.
  14. J

    Ontario EVCO

    I wonder if Ontario has a law similar to the one here in BC. Here, it's not legal to resell electricity for a profit if you get the electricity from BC Hydro. If they got rid of that law, or modified it, there would be incentive for private charging stations to spring up.
  15. J

    Comparison of fuel costs for different Kia Soul models.

    The rest of the world should be more like Norway!
  16. J

    Hauling stuff

    Wow, I can only imagine what that did to your Eco Level! :D
  17. J

    Android Auto will be available for all Soul EVs?

    Can someone explain what this is and how it will make my life better? Thanks!
  18. J

    Red Range Bars Started to Blink w/ Concomitant Loss of Range

    So I've also noticed this blinking. I take it the consensus on here is that it is basically a cosmetic issue only and does not affect the charge status nor reflect a problem with the battery? If that's the case, then I'll learn to ignore it.
  19. J

    Kia "CHARGE UP" Card

    Would anyone have an extra, unregistered Charge-Up card they'd be willing to part with? I'd really like to have one, and they're definitely not given to Canadian purchasers. I'd be willing to send a Chargepoint card your way if you wanted one.
  20. J

    Kia "CHARGE UP" Card

    FWIW, the i-MiEV was rated as worst green car by Consumer Reports: They called it "only slightly better than a golf cart."