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    2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

    Finally got my battery replacement, so I thought I would offer that hope to anyone still waiting (was ordered Oct 13, 2021 arrived Mar 31, 2022 ). I have not probed the new battery with Soulspy yet, but I'm thinking it is a regular 27kW battery as it has not displayed a range above 145km in...
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    My first and polite foray into a trade-in ended badly. The dealership offered me $15,000CDN which is pretty much what they are selling for on Kijiji. Considering the initial investment that is horrible and unacceptable. If I don't even get a ship date by mid summer I will have my lawyer write...
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    Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

    My battery replacement was approved and ordered from the factory on Oct 13 2021. I have less than 25% SOH but I am driving it around. Still no ship date for a replacement battery. I got head office involved and they confirmed that there is no indication of when a new battery is coming. I'm...
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    battery replacement in turtle mode

    Calls to head office get forwarded to the dealership... dealership calls head office. It's a sad state of affair. Classic run around. Are you sure they will in fact replace the battery? I would love to know if someone has had a replacement in the last couple of months.
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    battery replacement in turtle mode

    What has your experience been with battery replacement? I have a confirmed case number for a new battery and have been waiting since early October. I have 50km of range and can only get home from work if I charge at work. Now that EV's are increasing in popularity it becomes a race to the...
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    2016 Soul EV: Do you say a Good Buy? Or a Goodbye?

    If you are prepared to add the daily thought cycle of how will what I am doing now affect my battery then go ahead. If you want to drive and not worry, don't bother. I don't care what others say, ALL batteries die eventually and the $15,000 price tag is the hot potato you don't want to end up...
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    IMHO Lease and NEVER buy

    We own a 2016 and with 113,000km on the odometer it is due for a new battery. We currently get 54km/charge. We have seen a linear degradation from day 1. We had a small bump in range when the dealer did a software update that pretty much eliminated the upper buffer on the battery. Once we had...
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    Summer rims and tires

    Let me start by saying that I did attempt to search the forum for info... but my sub-par search skills turned up little useful info. I purchased a used set of snowflake Kia rims from a regular Kia for summer time use (245/40R18). Admittedly the tires are a wider (9" wide) than the stock EV...
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    Check EV System light came on briefly

    Not that this is necessarily a full solution, but I think you are pushing your car too hard. These cars should not be driven at 120km/h. You should keep it under 110km/h, slower would be even better. These are city cars. Essentially, I think your cooling system is not keeping up. I think...
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    Check EV system error

    Made it to the dealer with the error still active. They found that the coolant was low and topped it off. We’ll see if it fixes it.... I am skeptical though as it was just below the min level on the reservoir... they ordered a replacement pump in case the problem reappears.
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    Check EV system error

    Oh the error is in memory... trouble is they will not do any warranty service unless the error is active... ie; light is still on. When we restart the car the error is gone.
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    Check EV system error

    Definitely repeatable. It’s spring here so the temperature is around 15-20C It’s going to a different dealership that wants to keep it and try to recreate the error... yay, some yahoo racing around in my car for a day...
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    Check EV system error

    We are getting a “check EV system” error after periods of highway driving that exceed 15minutes. The car begins to slow and enters turtle mode... the second time we had to stop as the car would not ascend a hill. Trouble is, if you turn the car off for 2-3 min the error disappears and the car...
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    Range/Battery on a 2015 Kia Soul EV with 145,000km (90100 miles)

    If you get the car for $1000 and put a new battery in you can get 140 km per charge in real world (non-hyper miling) conditions (winter will be 116km with snow tires). Battery is $15,000 plus installation So $20,000 with tax for a 4 year old car with 145,000km on the odometer... These cars...
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    New 2019 Soul EV - Charging Best Practices

    I was under the impression that a 100% charge would actually leave a couple of kW untouched (~28 out of 30kW). I don’t recall the actual numbers, but the ideas was to avoid the damaging effects of a static complete charge. I believe the same applies for the bottom end of the battery, as...
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    Need help with this decision, please?

    Your commute is a perfect length for the Soul. Don’t sweat the battery heater. You will lose some range but it will come back in the summer. The only repair you will likely need to do is the OBC (on-board battery charger). It is covered under warranty and they can shuttle it away for...
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    Getting only 73 miles in the winter

    P.S. we still love our Soul and choose it over our other vehicles whenever we can...
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    Getting only 73 miles in the winter

    Well spring has really arrived and with temperatures near 20C today we got 150km on a charge... 17.4kw on the eco meter thingamabob. This with wide tires on 18” rims. It seems like the Kia would be best suited for temperate climates. As soon as it gets below 10C things deteriorate.
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    Getting only 73 miles in the winter

    The warmer weather has hit (15C) and we are increasing our range to 130+ km’s. I expect we will be back to 142km’s by the time we hit summer. We have never seen the 156km that was on the gauge when we first picked up the car new. So I would say that degradation is not evident after 1.75yrs of...
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    Getting only 73 miles in the winter

    We are seeing the same thing. 73 miles is about 117km. We typically see 135-142 per charge in the summer months. Last summer our range recovered once into warmer weather. This year I have different rims and wider tires. I had hoped the range penalty was not going to be too severe, but so...