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    fully charge..winter!!

    Yes, heater for battery work ... when you leave the charger on the car. And you can schedule interior temperature, too ... on 2 period in the day to unfreeze the car regulary. try at 04h00 AM and at 08h00 AM for example. and ... leave the charger connected permit to charge the 12v battery if...
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    Charge 100percent 143 k

    if you choose OFF instead AUTO ... you raise your range. simple : climate control decrease range indicator ... immediately. try.
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    Battery Ageing Model

    No news because, 1 month without use (charge every 15 days for 12h, no problem with 12v ACID battery).
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    New software update installation (video)

    go to your dashboard setting ... (and read your manual). :| Kia Soul EV have more than 7 languages and so ... units affiliates to the choice.
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    Included Level 1 Charger (North America vs. Europe)

    Yes AND allow or not the main contactor AND verify the car (diode circuit + GND/Earth connexion).
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    BMS software update

    and that's the problem : diagnostics. GDS Android Tablet with Kia RED dougle can show (and more) the sames informations as Torque PRO. and so, the bad cell during a charge or a heavy acceleration. write a letter to your Kia country office ... to identify a lake of knowledge of your actual Kia...
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    Charging Fault error.

    in my country, almost all problems need a Kia Assistance process ... to tow the car to the nearest service Kia provider. so drive to 0%, call KIA Assistance that you can not charge with EVSE Kia official cord ... and a tow-truck push the car to the dealer (and if it don't charge, KIA services...
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    Kia EVs will shift from Chademo to CCS next year. right-clic on the picture and choose "display image" to see in maximal dimension ...
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    DC and Level 2

    the BMS control the job of onboard charger or the Chademo charge protocol. so no, you can't do this.
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    BMS software update

    bad cell. need service and pointing the 22% (and bad cell notification) to enable a "real" diagnostic of the battery pack (and cells).
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    Setting up Torque to show BMS data

    Tested this day (in anonymous direct connexion, uBlock for Ads ... are you crazy to navigate without Ads Blockers ?!?) : Sendspace = 4Shared = in two stage ... and
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    tires for mild winters, more wet than snow

    i use profiled tires (summer, specialy designed for rainy countries) ... because, it's only snow 1 year every 4 (for 2 weeks). i can drive with snow highway with summer tires but only if it's a profiled tire pattern ... (V for rain and not line like the almost all summer tires)...
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    Warnings when using radio at drive-in theater

    it's a security feature for the ACID battery. you can not change this. in ACC (push ON/OFF without brake pedal), only ACID battery is used ... and with night light or heated seat/seering wheel enable, they drain too quickly this ACID battery and she DIE. 1/3 of all problems on electric car is...
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    Kia found OBC unit & battery cells to be faulty!

    :shock: it's the cord or the charger (onboard charger) ? if it's the cord, build it !!! (like me)
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    BMS software update

    balancing strategy don't work like you thing (frontier target job). It's not an eBike/Bicycle PWM/BMS. BMS on Soul EV has strategies (and memory of derivatives cells) on long charge, short charge and fast charge (and regulation on balancing device for thermal duration and moisture protection)...
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    wont charge at home

    Earth link missing (at your plug). You can not charge when earth wire is more or less noisy than 12v AC ... because the PILOT that command the onboard charger in the car use the EARTH wire for the 0v (GND) of the PILOT command.
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    Setting up Torque to show BMS data

    Senspace expire after 7 days, that why i ask "to ask" a new link. ;) if you can host, do it ! :mrgreen: new LINK v12 CSV : The forum cut the long link, too ... :? so, an other new LINK v12 CSV mirror :
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    End of the line for combustion engines?

    Yep, in French, we have a subject for this : 2020 for the end of development of Thermal Motors ... an 2035 for a rush in Electric Cars (inversion of the market...
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    Making Soul more aerodynamic

    Kia Soul EV have a rear diffuser in place of exhaust. No need to use a spoiler on the top of the roof.