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    How to cancel a level 2 charge?

    Yes, that works as well.
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    Auto hold

    I'm not aware of it. It would be a good idea though.
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    How to cancel a level 2 charge?

    Hit the unlock button on the key fob 3-4 times and the charge port will unlock allowing you to remover the charge plug.
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    Electric motor issues?

    The problem was the transmission, not the motor. It was replaced under warranty.
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    Charging Port Door Mechanism in WInter

    I have a 2018 and a 2020 Soul EV. Both have the same problem in the winter especially after driving through a snow storm. On the 2020, the charging door is a opened by pushing on it. Sometimes it takes a few tries to actually have it open, even when there's no snow. I haven't found a good...
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    Electric motor issues?

    I think I have the same issue as you did. I get a slow clicking noise when just letting off the brake, which gets faster. And at around 50-60km/h, the noise is like a whining. Is there a chance you have a recording of the noise?
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    Locking running car

    Even if you lock the car with the keys not inside, since the car is 'on', someone can break the window and drive off with it. I don't know if the UVO app will prevent this from happening or not, because in Canada we can't get the UVO app.
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    Forgetting the charge door

    I did that myself yesterday. My 2018 does show a warning on the dashboard, but I think it goes away as soon as you start driving.
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    Heat Pump vs No Heat Pump

    Thank you Jeju Soul.
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    Heat Pump vs No Heat Pump

    This is a technical question, and I hope someone has already figured out the answer. How can you tell if your Soul EV has a heat pump or not?
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    Navigation Maps Update

    Just wondering if anyone has every copied the SD card from a car with a new map update into another SD card to be used in another car.
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    Firmware update to DC fast charge to 94%?

    My 2018 Soul EV stops at 94% with a DC Fast Charger. Gets me about 192km of range.
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    OVMS for the Kia Soul EV (to remotely access it without UVO)

    I noticed the Lock and Unlock works except the driver door too. Sometimes the lock and unlock doesn't work at all. No issues with the radio The Charge Door open button, doesn't always work.
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    Setting up Torque to show BMS data

    Thanks for helping out a newbie.
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    Setting up Torque to show BMS data

    I found the problem. When I copied and pasted the tables into excel, excel converted the Torque Header (7E4 ) to 7.00E+4 **Also, just wondering why someone doesn't just upload the whole .csv file
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    Setting up Torque to show BMS data

    Hi everyone, I've spent the last few days playing around with Torque on my Kia Soul EV. Many of the values are not working properly, some are showing as negative number or totally incorrect. (I have a 2018 Model) The TPMS do no show any values at all. Is there something I should check? I...