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    Am I charging too often

    I live in Southern California. Summer temps are high 60's F at night and 80-105F during the day. Winter temps are high 40's / low 50's at F at night and mid 60's F during the day.
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    Original Bag/Case for Charging Cord

    Bump - Anyone return their lease and have any tips they can share on this? I'm about to return my lease in the next 2 days. Thanks.
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    No Proof of Maintenance

    What maintenance would you have expected? I have a car at the end of the 3 yr lease and I've not once done maintenance. No oil to change, no transmission to check, no engine air filter to change, even brakes are not used much with regen. You mentioned checking fluids, the only fluids needing to...
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    Am I charging too often

    Counter point to most of the posts here. I have a 2018 in the US. I have a 70mile round trip commute to work. I usually charge at work since it's free. I always charge to 100% and usually 5 times a week. Occasionally, there's no charger free at work and I limp home with single digit battery...
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    Returning my 2017 Soul EV lease and dealer is looking for the orginal bag for the charging cord??

    shapiro - I'm in the same boat. Please let me know how it goes. I'm 100% certain we did not get one when leasing. I've called Kia directly and they could not give me a part number. They couldn't even find a picture of what one is supposed to look like. I'm stressing about the $500 as well...
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    Original Bag/Case for Charging Cord

    Hi, any update on this? I'm also in the exact same situation and I am certain they never gave me a case. I've called Kia and the rep didn't know and couldn't give me a part number. I'm waiting for my lease end inspection and am completely uncertain of what's going to happen.
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    Infotainment Spontaneous Reboot?

    Like the title says, has anyone had their infotainment just reboot randomly? I started my car today after dropping my son off at school, coasting down a hill about a mile into the drive, heard a pop/thud electrical sound from my speakers and noticed the infotainment go dark. It took about 30...
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    brakes failed

    Wow, this really sucks for anyone affected. Please definitely report this to Perhaps there's a real issue that needs to be looked at. One question to everyone who experienced this, was the brake fluid at a normal level? The descriptions seem...
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    Charge Port Lock

    Awesome, thank you!
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    Charge Port Lock

    Hi. New owner here. The manual only mentions that the charger is locked into the port when the door locks are engaged. I'm wondering if there is a way to not lock the charge port while the doors remain locked. (I'm not talking about the charge port door, I'm asking specifically about the charger...
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    Sending Audio from Waze Android App to Car Speakers

    I agree that Android Auto is the way to go. I got my car a week ago and initially, I thought downloading the app and learning new interfaces was hassle I didn't want to go through. But, after spending about 15 min watching youtube videos of Anrdoid Auto I decided to give it a try. The interface...