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    Check EV system error

    apparently, all you have to do is (when the check ev light is on) Hold the HVAC Off button down AND within 4 seconds press the MODE button (next to A/C) 4 times, give it couple seconds and it will start displaying the error diagnostic code in sequence. Mind was 108, according to the chart it's...
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    Soul Spy?

    just sent you the log file. i was worry too when i saw your earlier warning in the thread, glad to receive version 1.5 i avoided the version 2.1 (also on eBay) which was quit a bit cheaper.
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    Soul Spy?

    It's been awhile since i last visited this topic, glad to see that Soulspy is alive again. I have a 2019 Luxury in Canada. just downloaded 0.1.1-4522 ELM327 OBD 2 Bluetooth V 1.5 Adapter from eBay...
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    Vancouver, BC

    Went to Joffre Lakes on the weekend in my MY19 Soul EV, temperature was in the mid-teens so no need for HVAC (just the fan). First stop at Whistler Conference Centre for a QC (130km), then drove to Joffre Lake trailhead, back to Whistler Conference Centre (a round trip of 122km) QC to 85%...
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    Brakes seized on new Soul EV after 10 months

    Any update from KIA? my MY16 SoulEV has been making that whaling noise when backing up for over a year as well. When i told the service guy at the dealership he said it was "normal". I also mentioned the clicking noise from braking at slower speed (like just before coming to a stop) and the...
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    Rolling in park? Anyone else?

    i had a service done at the dealer in Jan of this year but didn't get this EPB update. when the car is rolling forward, if i press the shift knob forward i would feel a click then the rolling would stop. Kia should issue a recall.
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    Kia Niro EV to launch later this year

    is there an AWD option?
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    Kia EVs will shift from Chademo to CCS next year.

    i wish i could get an adaptor for the Tesla charging station, especially when i see a Tesla taking up a L2 charging station while the tesla spot is empty :D
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    How to change your home screen

    Bravo the home screen should be customizable to display whatever the driver wants to begin with.
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    Kia Niro EV to launch later this year

    i'm hoping the Kona or Niro will have a dual motor (AWD) version.
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    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) firmware : (November 2023 - another recall)

    this firmware update is probably to address a problem i have experienced. my garage is not perfectly level, it has happened to me 3 - 4 times over the last 2.5 years that after i shifted to P, turned car off, as i was stepping out of the car, i noticed the car was inching forward. i had to...
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    New software update installation (video)

    you need to expand the conversation and search for the following post dated July 6 at 7:54am Pierre-Étienne Messier Great! Our complaints were not done in vain :) Update in progress! Note that the update only updates the A/V system, not the maps. For me it's ok, I'll use Google Maps...
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    New software update installation (video)

    the link on is still not working yet, so i followed the link on FB group and did the upgrade last night, it took a long time to download the 9+GB file from, then format and write to the SD card, the update of the head unit was relatively quicker. OK Google .... :D :lol: :roll:
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    New software update installation (video)

    I got the 404 Page not found error. just called Kia Canada and they said the launch has been pushed back (again) for couple weeks. can't wait to get this ...
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    Vancouver, BC

    A day trip to Skookumchuck Narrows Took the first sailing (7:25am) from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale. Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal + Langdale ferry terminal to Egmont Heritage Centre = 120KM Arriving at the Egmont Heritage Centre (EV charging, washrooms, museum) with 40% battery SOC...
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    Warning message!

    Thanks SoulEV2016, my initial thought was the fuse too, it only happened once, hopefully it was just a programming glitch. if it happens again i will check the fuse.
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    Warning message!

    The full warning message: battery discharge warning! Please use the system with the ignition on. I usually got this while listening to radio with ignition off, but first time while driving.
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    Warning message!

    LCD screen showing Battery discharge warning while driving. First time in almost 2 years of owning this fabulous car. Reboot the car at a red light and warning stopped. Good to see in this forum somebody suggested this could be a bug in the infotainment system instead of an actual charging fault.
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    The origin of the 'B' mode setting.

    or use the ECO switch behind the parking brake switch, it actually has dots on it so you don't even have to look down to find it. cycle between D, D with ECO, B that would give you 3 levels of regen.
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    How to turn off "get to a charger soon" warning?

    i only heard a chime when the battery low warning showed up on the dash, must be the Canadian version.