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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    2018 Kia Soul EV + (Sun n’ Fun) My final calculated SOH post, promise. Charged battery to 100% at 220V. Loaded up (4) adults about 5 minutes later and started drive. Drove 50.2 mi at 4.0 mi/kWh with indicated 56% of battery remaining. Parked car for 2 hours. Drove home 49.4 miles at 3.8...
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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    My apologies, the miles driven was 60 (59.96) miles, not 63 miles, 63 was GOM reading. 60mi/4.5mi/kwh = 13.3kwh used 13.3kwh/30kwh = 44.4% of bat cap used 44.4% kWh used/44% car reported used= 101% SOH. I think I divided 44% by 44.4% last time, which is how I got 99%, I think I got it right...
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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    Performed one additional range test. Charged to 100%, departed about 15 minutes later after finally getting everyone loaded up. 63 miles traveled, 56% remaining SOC, 4.5 mi/kwh efficiency = 99.1% SOH. As previously noted, I think the biggest unknown in this calculation is does the car know...
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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    I performed another range test yesterday. Due to an unexpected vehicle change, I inadvertently charged to 100% and let the car sit for two hours or so at 100% (I know it pained me that I did this right). Anyway we then drove 63.57 miles at 3.5 miles/kwh (some 70 mph) and showed 36% remaining...
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    We have had Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires on our 2018 Soul EV for the last 80,000 miles or so (On our second set). We live near seattle and the original Nexens were terrible in the rain. The cross climates are a highly rated tire you can read many reviews online but our experience is the wet...
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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    At 98k miles, based on other members input, we did a range test: 95% down to 55%, 52.25 miles driven, 4.2 miles/kwh (freeway but lots of traffic). The calculations indicate battery is at 100%+ capacity. Even assuming a 42% battery usage, it still comes out 98.7%. My experiences that the...
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    2018 sun n fun 97,500 miles, what to expect?

    Was looking to get a little advice from those with higher mileage 30 kWh battery cars. We’ve had our 2018 Sun n Fun since new. Have not hooked up an OBD2 but based on the routes we drive I’m estimating we currently have 95% of original battery capacity left. WA state car, we avoid charging...
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    Ex-Leaf owners: why did you switch, what do you like and what do you miss?

    We just leased a 2018 Soul EV+ Sun/Fun, and previously leased a 2013 and 2015 Leaf, just returned the 2015. While we were generally happy with the Leafs, had no issues except a persistent drivetrain "click" on accel/decel in the 2015 (also had in 2013, but they were able to fix it in that car...