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    Refill Coolant warning

    2020 Kia soul EV Limited I also have the coolant warning. At first it was 1-2 times a week but it happens now every time I drive. Coolant level in the reservoir looks ok. Dealer says that the coolant originally supplied is not performing well and KIA is working on supplying a new fluid and...
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    Defrost air is too hot

    Hello, I have an issue with the defrost in winter which is a bit odd. When I am in defrost mode, the air for the defrost is always maximum heat but the car then becomes too hot . If defrost and lower level is selected and the temperature control is something reasonable like 20C, the defrost is...
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    Reoccurring motor/transmission/regen noise? I was able to record the audio of the noise
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    Reoccurring motor/transmission/regen noise?

    Hi, the noise in reverse is a lot less. I only hear it when accelerating reverse and not coasting.
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    Reoccurring motor/transmission/regen noise?

    Hello, Has anyone had reoccurring motor noise when decelerating or accelerating? My car sounds like an combustion engine downshifting every-time I let off the accelerator. It also makes a loud whirling noise when accelerating too (not pedestrian warning noise...). It is progressively...
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    Power folding mirror option?

    Hello, are there any options for power folding mirrors for the Kia Soul 2020?
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    Electrify Canada Charing high rate $0.77/min Just got a message that Electrify Canada changed their pricing structure. It is now $0.27 for vehicles up to 90kW. I will try it out next time I pass by one.
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    Trailer hitch?

    Hello, Has anyone mounted a hitch to a 2020? I see in the manual that towing it is not recommended, but a hitch is super useful for things like kids bikes. I have also seen photos on plugshare of the Kona ev towing a trailer...(I know it is not the same car but similar). The etrailer website...
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    Electrify Canada Charing high rate $0.77/min

    Hello, Is there any way to get the lower charge rate of $0.27/min on the Electrify Canada chargers? I tried using the Electrify Canada charger at Canadian Tire a few days ago and I was shocked that I was being charged the high rate of $0.77/min (1-125kW rate) even though the actual charging...