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    eco level indicator appears inaccurate lately

    I have my dashboard settings configured to display the eco level, and lately I've noticed that the level displayed often seems unlikely to correlate with my recent driving history, whether I'm accelerating quickly or braking slowly or driving downhill with slight gas usage. In December I had my...
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    Texas Soul EV owners

    As it turns out, I needed major warranty work in December after the onboard charger stopped working. Although the car could still be driven (and probably charged with a level 3 charger) that was a large enough issue that Kia was willing to transport my vehicle to Round Rock and back for the...
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    Charging Fault error.

    I just got the charging fault error very late on 12/12/17 and continued to get this error several charging attempts in a row where the car's LEDs wouldn't light up and the level 1 charger would say it was charging for a minute and then click off. Only once of these attempts the level 1 charger...
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    Texas Soul EV owners

    You may want to be aware that I am having great difficulty getting warranty service outside of Austin. My car's driver window motor went out, which both Kia and the dealership say is like the gasoline Soul. However the DFW dealerships say they can't get reimbursed for warranty service because...
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    Warnings when using radio at drive-in theater

    I tried putting a sweatshirt and towel up there, but it didn't fully conceal the lights and there were other LEDs on when the car was on. That's why I decided it was better to leave the car off, radio on, and drape the towel over the navigation screen to minimize the interruption of the...
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    Warnings when using radio at drive-in theater

    I don't see why a 12V battery can't handle playing the radio...I could buy a radio that runs on a 1.5V battery. Maybe a little more juice for the speakers. Plus, it DID handle playing the radio for two long movies. The screen popups only used more juice unnecessarily. But lets say that I did...
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    Warnings when using radio at drive-in theater

    So I went to a drive-in theater a couple nights ago, and the movie theater was broadcasting the audio on an FM radio station. So I tried to listen to the radio with the car off, and every few minutes I kept getting a beep along with a battery discharge warning on the infortainment console. It...
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    Texas Soul EV owners

    After reading about my EV options, I decided the Soul EV was worth driving down to Round Rock to purchase. I felt it would probably be the easiest for my English Mastiffs to climb into the back, like they did before with my old Jeep Liberty. Leaving the dealership shortly after midnight, I...
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    What car will you be pursuing, or have your eye on next?

    I realize this is an old thread, but I didn't see someone list the same option I'm considering, so... I just leased my Soul EV for 3 years. However, I am hoping Nissan will bring the e-NV200 van to the US and that it will get the range updates that the Leaf gets in that 3 years. Of course, by...