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    Misc Questions about the Soul EV

    Does anyone know if the Soul EV offers Over the Air software updates? Or does an owner have to keep bringing the car into the dealer to get updates and fix small software bugs? Thanks.
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    Kia Soul EV Available in Missouri

    According to the Kia web site there is a soul EV available at the PAUL CERAME KIA dealership in Missouri. Maybe this is the beginning of a 50 state rollout since Missouri was not indicated on the last press release of 5 new states for Soul EV sales?
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    Anybody Use Just Level 1 Charging

    mtndrew1 Thanks, this is great info! I didn't know it might be possible to upgrade my existing wiring from to 240 Volt or possibly to 20 Amps. I've read a lot about people being charged crazy prices for their wiring. I bet no one tells them about this option. I think I might go this route...
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    Anybody Use Just Level 1 Charging

    Anybody experiment with Level 1 charging times? I recently realized my breaker box is behind my house in the backyard so I'm sure running wires from the backyard to my garage will cost a small fortune. I'm wondering how many miles of range you can expect from each hour of level 1 charge? Is...
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    Kia Soul EV Availability in Texas

    I've contacted several dealers in Houston and haven't gotten any info about the Soul EV. Anybody out there have any luck. The only concrete response I got was from Capital Kia in Austin who said they were expecting them this month. It seems like the State incentive is expiring this month, so...
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    Kia Soul EV Availability in Texas

    Anyone know how I can find out which Texas dealerships will sell the Soul EV? I called around to some Houston area dealers and they all seem pretty clueless.
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    Atlanta Deals

    Good deal! What are your total lease payments and fees? I'm hoping to get a similar deal in Texas. Thanks.
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    Anyone bought a Kia Soul EV?

    Hello there. I'm the type to usually buy a car outright rather than lease for a variety of reasons, most notably because I usually keep a car for 8 years or so. But I'm likely to lease a Soul EV when it comes to Texas for a few reasons. The most notable reason is that Kia seems to...
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    Range with B-Mode and/or Active Eco Mode?

    Is the average EPA range estimated using standard drive mode and w/o the Active Eco function turned on? Can someone give me some insights as to how much of a range difference using B-Mode and/or Active Eco mode makes? I'm trying to to determine if the average range of 93 miles is sufficient...
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    Best Prices

    Yes, I would fully qualify. It would be nice to just get it up front though as part of the lease deal.
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    Do Car Seats Fit?

    Does anyone have experience fitting multiple car seats in the Soul EV? I'm a little concerned because the EV has about 3 in less legroom in the back than the ICE version. Can someone with kids share their experience? With two car seats is there room for a 3rd person to sit? Thanks.
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    Best Prices

    Hello, now that the Soul EV is officially coming to Texas I'm debating whether to buy or lease (yeah I know conventional wisdom is to lease EVs as to avoid the low resale value). However I'm the type to keep a car quite a while. My current ICE car is now 8 years old with 41k on it. And we do...